Will Space Force Go Like Star Wars In The 80’s

AQir Force Space Command
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In 1983 then President Reagan Announced the creation of the Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI) code named Star Wars:

The SDI was a Missel Defence System, that would shoot down incoming enemy missiles using lasers from orbiting satellites. President Reagan was a critic of Mutual Assured Destruction (MAD), some thought of it as a suicide pact. Now with the Space Force, previously most needs in Outer Space have been handled by the Airforce or even Nasa.

The United States Army started the Air Corps on August 1, 1907, which eventually became the Air Force on September 18, 1947. NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) formed in 1958 to specialize in Civilian Space exploration.

Is it necessary to have a New Branch of The Armed Forces:

President Reagans SDI program was to create a defense grid for Nuclear Weapons. Trump’s model is for keeping Space a safe place for America, and both wanted Space Dominance.

Reagan’s idea was to make nuclear weaponry obsolete, Trump’s plan will make it safer for trade and commerce in space. Ronald Reagan was great in the way he wanted to get rid of MAD, the Suicide Pact.

Also, with all the Nuclear Power’s in the world, this is a great idea even by today’s standards.

What could this mean to the ever-looming New World Order:

Ronald Reagan himself once said that an attack from a force that’s not of this world could unite the human race as one and help us set aside our differences. I myself do not subscribe to globalism, believing Nationalism and home town pride should be enough.

Reagan’s Address to the United Nations, 1987:

Skip ahead to 28:45 to hear the quote.

The Space Force could also fend of comet’s and meteorite’s and God forbid little green men.

It will be interesting to see what they allow, that which isn’t classified.

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