Here is an example from CNN of good use for this footage:


  • Get A Lot Of What You Need To Make Your Project Look Expensive On A Tight Budget:

The Pentagon has a film office, and because of the freedom of information act and the fact, the footage is created by your hard earned tax dollars. All your required to pay for is the media they send the footage on. Your next battle seen in your low budget indie film could be largely covered by Uncle Sam.

Major film companies also get major cooperation in the form of military equipment and specialists to operate it. That’s for the big budget productions, and the USO is very much alive.

  • For The Real High Budget Films, The DOD is Alway’s There For You:

The Military has alway’s worked to help Hollywood producers, it makes the Military look good. One trick when talking to these guys is to tell them you plan to make the military look good. If they think you’re going to make them look bad, they will pipe up and ask you exactly what you want. These guys have advanced knowledge of there inventory if you tell them what your trying to do, and they’ll get all kinds of ideas.

  • Not Working On A Military Film, There Is Other Footage Available:

For non-military footage, there is the US Government media affairs office (GSA).

The Media i.e. videotapes, DVD, Hard Drives, etc., are rather pricey, but consider the money you’ll save by doing it stock footage style. Call for prices, Know doubt eventually they’ll come up with a web-based service to just download your stuff much quicker. Most private stock video services offer that now.

  • For Every Tax Payer Who Loves To Create, This Stuff Holds The World Together:

Creating something You love is a great way to live, and finding someone who appreciates what you’ve done makes it all worthwhile.