Higher Education has Become a Swamp


Laughing and waving at her fans as she breezed into the federal courthouse in Boston on Wednesday,  Lori Loughlin didn’t seem the least bit embarrassed. 

When a reporter from The Post asked the actress how she was holding up, Loughlin replied, “I’m great! How are you?”

Lori Loughlin waltzes into court.

She and her clothes designer husband, Massimo Giannulli, are accused of paying $500,000 for their two daughters—who never participated on a crew team—to be falsely designated as recruits to the University of Southern California crew team. The couple is also charged with conspiracy to commit mail and wire fraud in a college admissions scandal that beautifully illustrates the fact that higher learning has taken a dive in the past several years. 

“Going to college“ is no longer about getting an education

Loughlin and ”Desperate Housewife” Felicity Huffman—along with 13 other parents indicted in the case—have appeared in Boston federal court. If convicted, they could face a maximum of five years in prison.

But what about their children? Did they know that their parents were cheating their way into college? 

Just before news of the scandal broke, Loughlin’s youngest daughter, YouTube star Olivia Jade, naively revealed on a talk show that her daddy somehow faked his way through college. 

She also disclosed the fact that her parents “made” her go to college. 

Boston news anchor Justin Dougherty reported on Wednesday that the US Attorney said Loughlin and her husband were told by Rick Singer, who masterminded the scheme, that their daughter’s “academic qualifications were at or just below the ‘low end’ of USC’s admission standards.”

Did Olivia Jade know her acceptance to USC was faked? 

According to prosecutors, her well-heeled parents sent Singer e-mails containing photos that depicted both she and her older sister, Isabella Rose, on a rowing machine. Is it even possible that the girls didn’t know why they were being photographed on rowing machines that they probably never used?

It’s quite likely that they were indeed accomplices.

Now, Olivia Jade, who has said that she only wanted to go to college “for the games and the parties,” is facing humiliation and was fired as an Instagram “influencer” for Sephora cosmetics and TRESemme hair care products.

Elitist parents vs their entitled children

U.S. Magistrate Mary Page Kelley relaxed conditions that prevented defendants from talking to witnesses (i.e. their own children) about the case unless their lawyers were present. “I don’t think it’s good for parents not to talk to their kids about the case,” she said. 

But Olivia Jade is giving her parents the silent treatment.

“Olivia has been staying with her boyfriend in Malibu. She’s not talking to her parents right now,” according to a report in Us Weekly Thursday. “Olivia hasn’t been out with friends. She is completely in hiding right now. Olivia is posting private stories on her Instagram, using the only-close-friends option, to share her days on social media with her close circle.”

Not every kid is cut out for college, but Lori and Mossimo saw it as yet another way to fake their way to the top….of what, I don’t know. 

This whole scandal makes me wonder what else this couple did in order to get so wealthy. 

So “desperate” to get her child into an elite college.

Starring as the other high-profile celebrity nabbed in the college admissions scandal, Felicity Huffman, who is married to actor William H. Macy, apparently had no faith in her daughter Sofia’s ability to get a high score on the SAT exam. 

Huffman allegedly paid $15,000 in order to cheat the SAT and was arrested last month on charges of conspiracy to commit mail fraud and honest services mail fraud. 

TMZ reported that seven FBI agents showed up to Felicity’s home with guns drawn and arrested her on the day the indictment was announced. She was later released on a $250,000 bond. 

According to prosecutors, Rick Singer had his employee proctor Sofia’s SAT and correct her answers. She was also given additional time to take the test. As a result, the teen’s score improved by a whopping 400 points!

Will public backlash change anything?

Other celebrities, such as hip hop star Dr. Dre, are also being called out for their efforts to get their own little darlings into USC, which is apparently the school-of-choice for superstars’ average-but-entitled kids.

Social media posts about the scandal are raking Loughlin—known as the squeaky-clean “Aunt Becky” on Fuller House—over the proverbial coals. 

Even co-host Bob Saget participated in the smear. On Wednesday he tweeted out, “So many people are lying these days, maybe they should change the tests in school to ‘false or false,”‘ before later removing the “joke” from his Twitter account.

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