Hollywood Hates Babies

Actors in the movie include a former abortionist.

In the past nearly fifty years since abortion was legalized by Roe v. Wade, the act of ending a pregnancy–essentially killing a pre-born baby–has become an accepted form of women’s “health care”.


Actress Alyssa Milano is leading a group of Hollywood elites who threatened to boycott the state of Georgia if state lawmakers passed a “heartbeat bill”. Such legislation would essentially forbid abortion after a baby’s heartbeat is detectable.

Milano petitioned Gov. Brian Kemp with a list of app 50 signatures, but to their dismay, the House passed the bill anyway. Kemp is expected to sign it into law.

According to The Federalist: The Georgia Senate passed the Living Infants Fairness and Equality (LIFE) Act on a party-line vote earlier this month. The bill will “protect the fundamental rights of all persons, and specifically to protect the fundamental rights of particular classes of persons who had not previously been recognized under law” by making it illegal to abort a baby once a fetal heartbeat is detected, which usually takes place during the six-week mark.

The “women of Georgia” Alyssa claims to be protecting want none of her so-called solidarity:

Former abortion worker reveals the truth about Planned Parenthood and abortion

A new movie takes on Planned Parenthood and suffers harsh backlash from abortion advocates.

If you’re not able or not willing to see the movie UNPLANNED, this video is a speech by former Planned Parenthood staffer Abby Johnson. She tells her story with humor and honesty.

The film, which premiered last month, is based on Johnson’s sudden realization—after working for eight years in a Planned Parenthood clinic in Bryan, Texas—that babies feel pain as they’re murdered by the abortionist. 

As the abortion clinic’s director, Johnson facilitated thousands of abortions, including the two she had herself. But it wasn’t until she witnessed an abortion take place; in which a 13-week-old fetus was violently vacuumed from his mother’s womb, that she came to grips with the true horror and evil of what the abortion industry is doing to the most vulnerable among us.

Since going from pro-choice to the belief that abortion is murder, Johnson has joined an anti-abortion organization now known as 40 Days for Life.

Another anti-abortion group, And Then There Were None, has persuaded more than 500 abortion workers to drop out of this inhumane industry.

Movie critics apparently hate babies, too.

After seeing the movie open with an estimated $7 million for the weekend from 1,059 locations, enraged Hollywood critics panned it. 

Variety‘s Owen Gleiberman wrote that the film “isn’t good drama but it’s effective propaganda (if you’re part of the choir).”

A site called Movie Nation put out a review that was clearly written by a rabid Trump-hating writer who did not provide a by-line but had this to say about the President in the middle of the hit piece: “Abortion has so divided the country as to make the allegedly God-fearing endorse a criminal, pathological liar and whoremonger into the White House, where his Kentucky and South Carolina Senate minions can steal Supreme Court seats and at long last return control of women’s bodies to a theocratic leaning State.”

Reviewers actively discourage liberals from seeing such films

Despite unexpectedly high box office returns and heartfelt testimonials to the contrary, the  Movie Nation reviewer went on to claim that UNPLANNED will have no effect on those who believe that every woman should have the right to kill her unborn baby. “At this stage of the debate, nobody is going to have his or her mind changed by a lop-sided debate on the Big Screen, or a lopsided review ridiculing their dull, uncharismatic and colorless actors (save for Scott), pedestrian direction and script that is more rhetoric than dialogue. Voice-over narration is the laziest, most-heavy-handed cinematic storytelling device there is, and ‘Unplanned’ is wallpapered with it.”

Reviewer Jordan Hoffman of The Guardian called the movie “ridiculous” and balked at the fact that the abortion procedure was shown in all its gory glory.  “And the gore doesn’t come from action-adventure sequences, but from grisly abortion complications in which chunks of bloody fetal tissue slap against cold tile floors. It’s disgusting, and could even work as effective anti-choice propaganda if it wasn’t so ham-handedly stitched together. Abortion is a serious topic. This movie is ridiculous.”

In denial much?

Hoffman also makes the uniformed observation that a pre-born baby couldn’t possibly experience fear or pain as they’re being ripped apart by a metal device. He writes, “Despite the many ghastly scenes of blood (so much blood), Abby has her epiphany observing cheap, risible CGI of an ultrasound. A fetus presents what could be misinterpreted as fear or pain during the procedure.”

“There have been films that treated Nazi doctors conducting evil experiments in concentration camps more sympathetically,” complained Frank Schek of the Hollywood Reporter. He’s apparently unaware that American abortionists have slaughtered more than ten times the number of people killed by the Nazis since Roe v Wade in 1973.

The Hollywood Reporter labels the film “not for the pro-choice crowd”. However, that’s exactly who needs to see it.

Those who don’t want to admit that life begins at conception are avoiding movies like UNPLANNED. This was certainly the case with the movie about Philadelphia abortionist Kermit Gosnell.

LA Times critic Michael Rechtshaffen was offended by the Gosnell movie’s “sanctimonious tone”. He also apparently didn’t appreciate that Director Nick Searcy made sure that the audience knew the truth: When the news broke, mainstream media outlets tried to bury the gruesome story of the abortionist who was killing babies that survived abortion.

The UNPLANNED CHALLENGE is going viral!

Students for Life of America (SFLA) has partnered with the movie UNPLANNED. It’s members are asking pro-life high school and college students across America to pledge to invite a pro-choice friend to see the movie. They’re even offering two free digital movie tickets to the film!