#JEXODUS: American Jews Wise Up to the Fascist Democratic Agenda

Worn by Jews during worship, a yarmulke is also known as a “kipa”.


I was adopted as a baby and raised to be Jewish and vote Democrat. But as I was exposed to the liberal ideology and the notion that socialism is necessary, I flipped and saw things very differently.

As an adopted child, I also did not appreciate the Dem’s support of abortion as a “right”.

Moving to Switzerland in 1990 and living in a socialist-run country for ten years further strengthened my conservative beliefs until I became the antithesis of everything a female Jewish journalist should supposedly be.

Most recently, my support for President Trump has lost me several friends and earned the admonition of a few family members. Some of them have even called me “fascist” and “Hitler” because I support Trump’s nationalist agenda. (Message me privately if you think that means anything other than MAGA.)

I love this country. And I hate the way liberal Democrats have been trying to turn it into a third-world hell hole (just look at San Francisco, Portland, OR and Los Angeles).


Now, there’s a new breed of politicians taking over the Democrat party. Several freshmen congresswomen are showing extreme hatred for Jews and Israel; in addition to presenting a blatantly socialist agenda.

So, many Jews are leaving the Democrat party. Black people are doing the same.

Today, we Americans are witnessing the Democrats’ defense of illegal immigration and apparent acceptance of anti-semitism.

I love my friends and family; even though they hate our President and are angry with my support of him.

That said, I’m hopeful #Jexit will reunite those of us who have seemingly turned on each other.


Jewish New Yorker Ben Scott wrote in a Facebook post how he began his own #Jexit long before the movement began.

“It all started back in 1996, when I voted for Bill Clinton the first time I was eligible to vote in a presidential election. I’ve always had a mind of my own, and while I didn’t necessarily love Clinton, I thought Bob Dole was a rather weak candidate,” he recalls.

A chance encounter with Hillary Clinton in 1999 was an eye-opener for young Ben. The former First Lady was running for NY State Senate at the time.

“I was a kid, putting myself through college and working full-time, when I was on a lunch break and approached by Secret Service for a photo op with her. I respectfully declined, because I had to get back to work. The agent went over to her and told her I said no, and she rushed over and started berating me for not having time for a photo.

“Afterwards, she berated the agent in front of everyone, cursing at him and telling him he embarrassed her.”

Having experienced Mrs. Clinton’s temper and elitism first-hand, Ben began to pay close attention to the people he had voted for.

“While doing so, it also created a thirst to learn our history and world history, warts and all; not the whitewashed version they teach in schools and colleges nationwide,” he says.


“After losing some friends in 9/11, I decided to serve the nation in my own way and became a first responder,” says Ben, noting that he was one of the few Jewish first responders at the time.

“My career ended up being the biggest wake-up call of all; giving me front-row access to the realities of terrorism, activism, hate groups, the sources of funding, and how it ties into politics/politicians domestic and abroad.”


“I learned that hate groups, anti-Semitic groups and terrorists shouldn’t be labeled ‘left wing’ or ‘right wing’,” he explains, adding that many domestic groups are funded by the same overseas groups, such as Hamas, Hezbollah, and Iran.

“For example, they’ll use a ‘right wing’ group, funded by ‘left wing’ groups to cause an incident in order to create political chaos,” says Ben. The common goal is to make “conservatives” look bad, he explains. “Both Antifa AND Neo-Nazis hate conservatives for their support of Israel, Jews, and civil rights as a whole. I’ve seen both sides ‘take one for the team’ for each other in order to fulfill a common political, ideological, or fundamental goal. It is a very murky business.”

Working at demonstrations and protests, Ben says that he was surprised to see more anti-Semitic behavior in the “liberal” Northeast than the stereotypical “Deep South”.

“I’ve been all over this great land, and nowhere have I felt more welcome as a Jewish man than I did during my time in the South and Midwest,” he says.


“Ancient Hebrews and modern-day Jews such as myself have a 3,000+ year history of trusting the wrong people,” Ben observes, “almost ending in a complete genocide every single time. From ancient Egypt, Ancient Greeks, Babylonians, to the Romans, the Medieval Kings, Germans, and Bolsheviks; it goes on and on.

When do we stop destroying ourselves? When do we realize what’s going on in present time?” Ben wonders, pointing out the shocking behavior of some elected officials. “They’re currently railing against Israel and Jews, downplaying 9/11 and castigating the ONLY country in the last 243 years that has ALWAYS been a safe haven for Jews around the world.”


“We are voting ourselves out of existence by voting Democrat across the board,” Ben warns other Jews. “Have a voice of your own, have a mind of your own, and learn our history.”

Andrew Pollack, father of Parkland H.S. massacre victim, Meadow Pollack, is now calling for Democrats–especially fellow Jewish Democrats in Florida) to #walkaway from what he has experienced as a corrupted, now-socialistic, anti-Semitic-led, Democrat Party.

Jexodus movement founder Elizabeth Pipko explains her motivation below:

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