Nasrin Mohammadi was dressed to support President Trump.


The story of how Persian-American author and actress Nasrin Mohammadi was stopped from boarding her Spirit Airlines flight on Monday night has gone viral. Thousands of Trump supporters are incensed about the way she was treated, but Nasrin wants everyone to take a step back from the edge of anger.


Clad in pro-Trump apparel, Persian American author Nasrin Mohammadi had just spent a whirlwind week visiting Fort Lauderdale on her latest book tour. 

Prior to leaving town, she was able to squeeze in one last event —the Broward Republican Executive Community’s monthly meeting—before heading to the airport and checking in her luggage. 

Ms. Mohammadi arrived at the gate and was ready to board her flight at 9:25pm, which was scheduled to depart at 9:33pm. 

The door to the jetway was open, and two Spirit Airlines ticketing agents had just let a man go through. 

Wearing her MAGA hat and shirt, Ms. Mohammadi showed them her ticket, and they told her that she would have to get another ticket. They would not allow her to board. 

Her luggage was on the plane, a passenger had just entered the jetway, and yet the two agents stared at her clothes with obvious disdain as they informed her, “We can’t do anything for you. You’re too late.”

Ms. Mohammadi then went to customer service, where a staff member told her, “You had to have been there before 9:30.”

She replied, “I was there at 9:25!” And then they were quiet. 

Nearly in tears, Ms. Mohammadi called her manager, Ben Bennett, and asked him to come and get her from the airport. 

She was rebooked on a flight for the next day. 

BEACH REPORT Nasrin was barred from her flight!

Posted by Jill CueniCohen on Tuesday, July 23, 2019


Ms. Mohammadi arrived in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida last week to promote her book, “Ideas and Lashes: The Prison Diary of Akbar Mohammadi”.

She says that her week spent in South Florida was “like a dream,” because she was able to declare her full support for the POTUS without fear of bodily harm.

“Coming from the political environment of Los Angeles, California has been a living hell for me,” says Ms. Mohammadi, now back home on the West Coast. “I constantly hear lies about how my President Donald Trump is this horrible person. I can’t openly express my support and love for our President. I always kept hope that one day I would be able to formally and openly support President Trump in a friendly environment.”

Her wish came true the moment she stepped off the plane and began meeting Floridians who share her same political views.

Meeting Scott Newmark, president and founder of Americans for Trump Inc.

“It was my pleasure to visit with Nasrin Mohammadi in my office,” said Scott Newmark, president and founder of Americans for Trump Inc. “This brave person is a Trump patriot who is also continuously fighting to free Iran from the brutal oppression of the Islamic Republic of Iran.“


Ms. Mohammadi’s love and admiration for today’s American President is refreshing. She grew up under Sharia law and watched her brother tortured and killed and her family torn apart, all because of their Christian faith.

This woman’s message of MAKE IRAN GREAT AGAIN is resonating among Americans who are tired of hearing refugees bash President Trump for his so-called “racism”!

“In Florida, people treated me with respect and wanted to hear what I had to say. Unlike in California, where people disregard me—even with my tumultuous immigrant background from a tyrannical country! The people in Florida gave me the opportunity to express what I feel needs to be said about our current situation in our country and the world. In Florida, I could openly wear and display my support for President Donald Trump, and not fear reprisal,” she explains.

“Being an Iranian woman who immigrated as a political refugee, I break the mold of the mainstream media’s narrative of the stereotype of the common Trump supporter,” Ms. Mohammadi notes, adding, “The people in Florida treated me with respect, and I felt at peace.”

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