Final Brexit Offer Set For Rejection In Brussels, Where Does This Leave Britain?



British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is set to make his final Brexit offer to Brussels on Wednesday. With Britain set to leave the EU on October 31st, the situation is time sensitive especially since Johnson says he won’t be delaying the exit. But this hasn’t changed the EU’s uncompromising stance. In fact, it is widely reported that Brussels is set to reject Johnson’s offer. A lot of the mainstream media has been reporting that his offer is “fundamentally flawed.” This makes it unlikely to be welcomed.

One top official in the EU has stated:

“If it’s take it or leave it, we better close the book and start talking about the modalities of an extension,”

One of the most sensitive issues that have continued to cause a problem between the two is the border between Ireland and British-ruled Northern Ireland. The Prime Minister has proposed customs checks in Ireland.

Johnson Set To Get Britain Out Either Way

The EU is expected to grant an extension for Britain. But Johnson is hell-bent on ensuring that Britain leaves the EU by the end of the month. In his campaign, he promised this, deal or no-deal. Notably, at home, many have been accusing Johnson of not having a plan. Some lawmakers say that he doesn’t want a deal and has been running down the clock. He, however, has dismissed this claim.

Photo by Chris Lawton on Unsplash

Despite three years of negotiations, the EU remains a skeptic that a deal that ensures an orderly exit of Britain will be inked. For the citizens, only one word sums up their take on the issue, fatigue. Part of the reason Johnson became popular with the British people is that he promised an exit, with or without a deal. And he looks set to ensure he delivers.

Britain Headed For Chaos With Brexit

If Johson is going to go through with his no-deal Brexit, Britain should be ready, economically. The exit will hit hard and be chaotic for thousands of Europeans living in Britain. Likewise, the British in the European zone. The British pound will be hit hard following economic changes and policy changes. One of the few and sure ways to ensure that Pound holders don’t get hit is by buying Bitcoin. This remains the only safe haven for citizens facing political or economic turmoil.

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