Its Screw The Government As Whistleblower Snowden Says US Seizing Revenue From His Book Is Good For Bitcoin



Whistleblower Edward Snowden is set to publish his most recent book very soon. However, he, well, his publisher, has run into some trouble with the US government. It was earlier rumored that the Department of Justice could ban its publishing. The department has clarified this and stated that it will not. Instead, the DoJ plans to seize all revenue that would be owed to Snowden. The former U.S. National Security Agency (NSA) subcontractor has however had an ingenious plan to still make revenue. This was after a few of his followers suggested to him that they would buy the book in Bitcoin and ‘screw the government’.

Photo by Clifford Photography on Unsplash

Snowden tweeted that, the decision by DoJ was good for Bitcoin. Snowden is most famous for having leaked sensitive information from NSA a couple of years ago. Among people across the US, he draws different opinions. Some have regarded him as a traitor while others think of him as a liberator. This is much like Bitcoin and comes as no surprise that he is a fan of the technology. Earlier in the year, he had stated this about the coin:

“The lack of privacy is an existential threat to bitcoin. Is the only protection users have from political change,”

Bitcoin: Financial Freedom For Everyone

Bitcoin is as controversial as Snowden, some view it as a liberator. A liberator from the years of a damaged financial system. One of the key problems with the financial system being the union of money and state. Others, on the other hand, believe its an attack on the state since money and state are one.

Whatever the view, Snowden’s case with the DoJ has once again demonstrated the importance of Bitcoin. Because of its independence from the state, it is beyond the control of the state. In a democratic state, shouldn’t this be the case?

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