Manchester United Thrashes Chelsea 4-0 As Both Aim To Mark A New Era


The last fixture of the first weekend that marked the start of the 2019/2020 English Premier Lague saw two of the most decorated clubs go head to head. Manchester United hosted Chelsea at Old Trafford. Guiding them, were equally highly decorated club managers. Ole Gunnar Solskjær for the first time met with Frank Lampardin a managerial capacity, notably only having met as players.

Going into this game, both teams and managers had plenty to prove. Ole was coming off a losing streak in the league while Lampard was looking to establish he was up to the task of leading Chelsea. Ole was appointed mid-season last year and Lampard was appointed just a couple o months ago.

The stage was set for an epic battle but in the end, it turned out to be a one-sided affair as Man United thrashed the blues 4-0.

Pic: Brandi Ibrao

Man United looked weak at the start of the game, seeing Chelsea have its way with the ball for the best part of the game. Despite lacking in possession, Man U maintained great discipline. No player was caught out of position and each played their part. For Chelsea, they were in the offense just the way Lampard likes it. But unfortunately, two strikes at the goal post and excellent saves by De Gea meant the red devils would walk away with a clean sheet.

Defensive Errors Rock Chelsea

The tragedy began for Chelsea when Zouma made an awful tackle that resulted in a penalty for the red devils. Rashford stepped up and turned it into a lead. from there, Man U was in the driver’s seat. They were still struggling in the possession and dominate but their structural discipline had them dictating the game.

The first goal came in the first half with the other three coming in the second half. Martial, their new number nine struck home in the 65th minute, Rashford was back at the scoring board a few minutes later,67. To finish off a day painted in red was Daniel James with a strike at 81st minute.

New Era

In the last few years, performances from the two teams have been questionable, they are both looking to set a new trend. But clearly, Man U are a few steps ahead of Chelsea.