The Stage Looks Set For The Return Of The Altseason, What Coins Will Pop?



The altseason has been long due. Since altcoins dropped by more than 80% back at the start of the year, they have been unable to get back up. Bitcoin is the only cryptocurrency that has been able to stage a comeback, coming from a low of 80% to around 50% from all-time highs. Now, it looks like the stage is set for altcoins to also pop. The pattern set by the market resembles one set back in 2017. This was cited by an analyst on Twitter who stated:

“In 2017 altseason began after the first big dip on BTC from $1300 to $900.
The scenario looks pretty similar right now.”

When he says that the scenario looks pretty similar, he is referring to the recent move by the asset from $13K to dip to just under $8K. This move was also couped with a drop in dominance as Bitcoin fell from over 70% to around 65%. The same pattern was also evident back in 2016 and while prices did not rally as high as in 2017, there was a remarkable move upwards. In his view, when Bitcoin reaches its bottom and begins to grind up, this brings “the best environment for altcoins.”

Altcoins That Look Set To Rally Hard In The Next Altseason

Among the hundreds of altcoins that would enjoy the altseason, three look ready to rally early and high. Ethereum (ETH), Ripple’s XRRP and Cardano (ADA). Over the last few months, all three have been going through some major developments. These developments are expected to strengthen their networks and see them develop to first-class projects. This will stir adoption, something Ripple specifically has been pushing to all ends and see token value rocket.

Photo by Austin Distel on Unsplash

Ethereum on its part is working on ensuring there is high stability, something it has struggled with for some time. Lastly, Cardano is on its last phase to become fully decentralized. This is a pivotal point for it seeing how much more it can achieve once fully functional.

The altseason is just around the corner and these three coins are the best bets for a big payday.

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