Universal Bitcoin Income On The Table If Andrew Yang Is Elected Next U.S President


Among the many 2020 U.S presidential candidates is Andrew Yang. Among the Bitcoin supporters, he has been a favorite for his pro-Bitcoin utterances. In the latest one and the juiciest yet, the young leader has stated that Bitcoin could become the universal income payout could be made in Bitcoin. This is an interesting approach that sees his approach widely different to that of the current president who is currently totally against Bitcoin.

Yang’s support for Bitcoin stems from technological enthusiasm that has seen him sort Bitcoin as the new form of payment. Even his campaign accepts support in Bitcoin. And now he wants to take this a step forward if elected next president.

Andrew Yang UBI Plan

One of his ambitious plans, when elected, is to introduce a Universal Basic Income (UBI) or the Freedom Dividend. This would be guaranteed payment of $1000 every month to everyone regardless of their status.

In an interview, Andrew Yang was asked if he had considered making these payments in Bitcoin. Though he did not give a yes or no answer, he seemed to suggest that he had. The candidate is leaning towards the idea of the payout to be made in Bitcoin.

Photo by Rodney “RJ” Gainous Jr on Unsplash

This would be very instrumental for Bitcoin and would increase its popularity rapidly. It would fuel its adoption and aspire prices to grow.

Adoption Or Ban

The idea of cryptocurrencies seems to polarize politicians. The current president is against it and could well ban them if he could. On the other hand, you have Andrew Yang who is ready to take it to the next level. And he is not alone. The more controversial ‘candidate’ John McAfee is also pro cryptocurrencies. If he runs, and if he wins, he is all pro.

At this point, it seems Cryptocurrencies are a talking point. Every candidate should share his/her position which simply put is, are you pro financial democracy or not?

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