Business acumen is put thru fire and ice with Nancy McKain now in a new career

Entrepreneur and former real estate executive, Nancy McKain joins HelmsBriscoe, a world leader in business meeting procurement and events. Photo courtesy of Nancy McKain

The hospitality industry has been one of the hardest hit as a result of the Coronavirus outbreak. This doesn’t frighten a consummate professional like Nancy McKain.

Much like the finest of Samurai swords, her business acumen and character has been put through some the most rigorous tests of fire and ice that a steadfast business professional can endure.

Yet, even when it seemed like a career or business venture was over, her ability to see and find another opportunity is perhaps one of her greatest skills.

No matter if it is the aggressive aspects of sales in the garment or high-end real estate industry, McKain has managed some of the most difficult of situations. This is why the current situation with the Coronavirus is simply another challenge to her.

“Like all other similar industries, we are trying to adjust the way we do business to accommodate the limitations of COVID-19,” said McKain.

After owning her own business and being a top executive at a leading luxury real estate company in San Francisco for over two decades, she has now joined meetings procurement company HelmsBriscoe, where she helps clients find venues for their meetings and events.

“My greatest passion is helping people, and my entire career has been client/consumer-facing. I have always loved the idea of working in the travel industry, so I thought I could combine my passion for helping people and travel by joining a firm that offers both!”

McKain realizes that in this current crisis, a strategy must be sought. Not so much a struggle as redefining or perhaps setting a goal.

“Once a standard has been set, we can move gently and cautiously into the future. As a career-long manager/executive, it is my job to assure Event and Meeting Planners that we will take every precaution to create the best possible scenario for their events so they can focus on the meeting planning at hand.”

“What I do is similar to being a location scout in the film industry, said McKain. Once I know where clients would like to have their event, I get details on their needs (i.e., number of rooms, attendees, meeting space and type, and other meeting details), and I work within their budget to find hotels that match their criteria.”

I present them with potential hotels, submit RFPs, negotiate room rates and concessions like parking, internet, attrition, room upgrades, comps, food & beverage, and A/V, all at no cost to the client,” McKain said.

While HelmsBriscoe is one of several providing a third party service, Meeting procurement is a growing industry of which HelmsBriscoe is a leader.

As a newcomer to this industry, McKain is already making a positive impact. Her managing director Renee Moore is pleased as she said, “Nancy is pure energy and dedication. She is committed to providing the best in first-class service to the clients she supports.”

In an era where ‘outsourcing’ has become the norm, third party vendor professionals are in demand, and with more than 269,000 different venues to offer to clients, having “a lack of inventory” like in some real estate markets will never be an issue for McKain at HelmsBriscoe.

“Nancy is a great listener, said Moore. She is on a mission to exceed her clients’ expectations when it comes to hotel site selection, hotel site inspections, and contract negotiations. She delivers value to her clients by saving them time and money, and is their advocate from start to finish and beyond.” To learn more about the work Nancy McKain does at HelmsBriscoe, visit the web site.