Independent, Unfiltered & Unbiased is what online Talk-show aims for

Ian Trottier has been hosting an online talk-show each week. He has also written a book due out this Oct. 23, 2020. Photo courtesy of Ian Trottier.

Not one to rest on any laurel of accomplishment or to lean on any form of convention, entrepreneur and man of many talents Ian Trottier has been pursuing his new venture through an online radio program.

Dedicated to being, ‘independent unfiltered, live & unbiased’ his radio program called, “Discussion of Truth” has touched a breaking point. “I started this weekly online talkshow four years ago because as he said. I’ve noticed that the economic impact we are currently experiencing will be rippling for years to come. And, the racial unrest that we are experiencing right now couldn’t happen at a worst time. The Coronavirus, the ‘Secure In Place’ quarantine, etc.  All of this is major and unsettling for all aspects of society,” said Trottier.
Way before the Coronavirus pandemic back in 2016, Trottier noticed something peculiar about the outbreak of the Zika virus in Florida – his current home-base. This started him on a journey to uncover, to investigate, many topics using journalism skills as well as many other of his talents to get to the truth. 
That is how his radio program evolved to its present form. Yet for Trottier, it’s simply just another beginning. 

‘Discussions of Truth’ talkshow is the sixth or seventh business-career venture Trottier has made over the past decade. California-born to an American father, and a British mother. At age 9, he, his parents and siblings moved to Salisbury, U.K., While there Trottier went to a Downton Secondary School and began acting. He grew-up studying and admiring his thespian mother in local theatrical productions.

With this early experience of extensive travel plus his being raised in the Church of Latter-Day Saints, Trottier formed an affinity for Latino culture. He has lived and spent extended periods of time in Mexico and other parts of Central and South America. He speaks fluent Spanish and enjoys multi-cultural experiences, including music and cuisine like Oaxaca’s chocolate-covered grasshoppers.

While his family-life and Mormonism has provided him with valuable experiences and networking skills, he strives to be neutral.  “I don’t take sides politically, I am neither left nor right in my angle to get to the truth.  I try to get past that,” he said. 
When he settled into suburban life for high school in Lafayette upon returning to California from ‘across the big pond’ as they say in the U.K., Trottier sensed even then things are not what they seem. Perhaps this is why he inexplicably pulled to things like journalism, political analysis, debate, etc. In addition to his articles he has written a book entitled, ‘Freedom Reserved: No More Lies.’ He is looking forward to the release date of Oct. 23 by Trineday Press. “It’s now available for pre-order, said Trottier via Barnes and Noble.” A few critics have noted that his book is “unique and provocative.” 
He views all things with a healthy amount of skepticism, including religion. 
Ian Trottier in Philadelphia, PA at the Liberty Bell. Photo courtesy of Ian Trottier
And while conspiracy theories seem plentiful these days, Trottier is not offended by them in that he is eager to go beyond the status quo and mainstream to examine such. 
Among the roster of guests on his talkshow, the most recent is Ken Caldeira, an atmospheric scientist who works at the Carnegie Institution for Science’s Department of Global Ecology. Caldeira expressed some reservations when asked what he thought of the talk-show. He made reference to Trottier having conspiracy theorist Dane Wigington on the show. “I am all for public debate, said Caldeira. But giving credibility to chemtrail conspiracy theorists by giving them air time seems to me to be incredibly irresponsible.”
All part of the ‘unfiltered & unbiased’ aspect of the show, Trottier has no fear. No subject is excluded from his list of topics, regardless of controversy especially if Trottier sees discrepancies. One subject of major concern is that of the economy. 
Catherine Austin Fitts is someone he would like to chat with on the show. In addition to her many distinguished positions in the world of Wall Street and Finance, (as detailed on Wikipedia) Fitts was Assistant Secretary of Housing for Federal Housing Commissioner at the U.S Dept. of Housing and Urban Development during the G.H. W. Bush Administration. 
“Catherine has a lot of knowledge and hits the subject quite hard on the devaluation of the US dollar, said Trottier. Not many people know that the FDIC is ruled by the federal reserve. My big question for Catherine is ‘what if our dollar crashes?’ Especially, amid all these unemployment claims that keep growing by the week,” Trottier exclaimed. 
‘Discussion of Truth is a weekly online radio show. Photo courtesy of Ian Trottier
With so many concerns churning in these uncertain times, Trottier sees this as an important opportunity to get things clarified by bringing them into the light through discussion and examination. Rather than people streaming endless hours of TV shows and movies, Trottier hopes and invites people to tune into his online radio talkshow. To learn more visit the Ian Trottier web site.