Local Women Artists Team up to form ‘Sonoma Inspired’ ‘A Three-Way Win’ to help charities in the community

Hacienda de Amor will be the venue for the Sonoma Inspired art sale and charity fundraiser event in Sonoma on Wed. Sept. 28, 2022. Photo courtesy of Hacienda de Amor, Sonoma, CA.

Seeing things up close or stepping back and taking in the larger picture is what artists Janet Yelner and Louise Valeur have done for years.  And, this coming September 28, they are combining their efforts to create a positive ripple effect for the Sonoma community in what they refer to as a Three-way win: 1) Artists selling art  2) The charity benefits         3) Buyers take home art

“Our idea is a way to move an artist’s work out of the studios and out to the public. And, for it to be beneficial not only for the artist and the buyer of the art but also for the community, by having a portion of the sale go to local charities. This is what we see as a ‘three way win’” said Valeur.

Sonoma artist and designer, Louise Valeur is co-founder of Sonoma Inspired. Photo courtesy of Louise Valeur.

Both Valeur and Yelner can’t help but be inspired by the natural beauty of Sonoma. “This is how we came up with the name of our shared vision and artist/entrepreneurial venture: ‘Sonoma Inspired.’

As working artists, Janet Yelner and Louise Valeur shared studio space in Berkeley some years back. “We had an impromptu sale of our own in Sonoma last summer; we were then inspired to make this into a  business venture,” said Valeur.

Mixing a bit of the ‘Open Studios’ concept with a philanthropic-meets entrepreneurial spirit, this is what the Somoma Inspired art sale & charity event on Sept. 28 aims to do.

Artists of many styles and medium are always in need of a platform or venue space for their work; ‘Sonoma Inspired’ has created this additional opportunity.

As things unfold and Sonoma Inspired gets more acclimated with art sale charity events, “we want to become more connected with local charities,” said Valeur.

Sonoma artist, Janet Yelner is co-founder of Sonoma Inspired. Photo courtesy of Janet Yelner.

Thinking global while acting locally is important to ‘Sonoma Inspired.’ “Homelessness is a very complicated issue and requires dedication and serious strategic planning,” said Valeur. Pointing out how homelessness has only increased over the past few decades. Especially in larger areas like San Francisco and Sacramento, where homelessness has become problematic, at last count in 2020 the amount of homeless according to Sonoma County statistics was 2,745.

“We wanted to connect with a local charity, first. And, we found HAS (Homeless Action Sonoma), is diligently working with our community to build homes,” she said.

Homeless Action Sonoma is currently working on a ‘Home & Safe Village.’ Purchasing land along Highway 12; the charitable organization has been making steady progress with the project. Both Yelner and Valeur believe that not only will the project be completed but that it can and will be replicated elsewhere. According to HAS “Sonoma has the talent, money, and heart to eliminate homelessness,” this is a motto of Homeless Action Sonoma.

Six artists will be featured on Wednesday the 28th. All are local, established artists with original and unique works. The artists are: Janice Best, Paul Ford, Chas Blackford, Stella Wong, Wendy Walter & Sue Albano. Janet Yelner and Louise Valeur will also be displaying and selling their art.

The gardens at Hacienda de Amor on the ‘West Side’ of town will host the event from 4-8pm. For details, please call 707-931-9075. Or, visit Homeless Action Sonoma website,