‘UFO Jim’ lectures about the presence of Extra Terrestrials in our world

Jim Ledwith at lecture on Oct. 15 at Sonoma Community Center, Sonoma, CA.

It was almost a full-house audience at the Sonoma Community Center this past Oct. 15 when Ufologist, Jim Ledwith presented his lecture, “The Real Battle of Los Angeles,1942.” The two-hour lecture was the second one by Ledwith at the Community Center this month. Regardless of Ledwith’s starting point, be it an event in history, like the incident of a false alarm attack during WWII over the skies of Los Angeles or some conspiracy theory, Ledwith always spotlights intelligent life forms from other galaxies as fact.

Referred to as “UFO Jim” Ledwith is a believer. And, not only does he believe in intelligent life forms on other planets, he says he was abducted by Extra-Terrestrial beings. And Ledwith says, he has been continually abducted throughout his life at various times since the age of 3. According to Ledwith, he experienced the most recent abduction about six years ago, right here in Sonoma. Certainly, abduction and kidnapping is a very serious crime. Ledwith believes it happened because of unexplained lapses in time. Various studies about ET abductions over the decades have been conducted. Which, many people hold as either an explanation or as a way to find a logical-tagible explanation.

How do Extra-Terrestrial intelligent beings make these extensive trips to our planet and other galaxies, Ledwith was asked? “Through worm holes in the universe and their advanced technology that is hundreds of years ahead of ours,” said Ledwith.

From his research and dedicated study over more than four decades, Ledwith upholds the idea that ET’s have been visiting earth and our galaxy for centuries. While film footage of living ET’s extracted from a UFO crash in 1947 landing near Roswell, New Mexico is one of the main reasons for his steadfast belief, Ledwith understands the purpose. He showed some of this footage during his lecture.

Essentially, he noted. Even with their advanced capabilities, ETs are curious, about the universe,  just like we are. Perhaps, the more complicated question might be, which Ledwith did not have enough time to cover that Tuesday evening is, which group or civilization of ET’s are interested? Exactly, how many ET civilizations are out there? And, perhaps most important to us here on Earth is, are they malignant or benign beings seeking us out?

Movies like “Close Encounters of The Third Kind,” from 1977 and even the beloved “ET – The Extra-Terrestrial” from 1982 are according to Ledwith loosely based upon actual studies and incidents, in recent history. For Ufologists like Ledwith, there are actually seven not three close encounters with UFOs. The additional four kinds simply put are classifications with more details. And for those reading this article who are curious, the seventh kind is meeting a hybrid. That’s someone who is on this earth as a result of a human and an ET mating. Or, in some instances, gene/DNA material taken from a human (while abducted) and then biologically engineered – (cloned) with ET DNA material.

Since the end of WWII this type of study and compilation of data has only increased. “It’s very much a part of our culture today,” said Ledwith. It’s just Sci-Fi some might say. But actually this type of narrative of otherworldly beings making a visit and somehow involving themselves with humans, is ancient.

Scholars such as Zecharia Sitchin hypothesize that the first five books of The Bible are actually somewhat based upon a much older set of texts traced back even further to ancient Mesopotamia. In his book, “The 12th Planet,” the ancient Sumerian people came in contact with and later evolved further as a result of the ‘Annunaki’ who arrived to earth upon an asteroid-like vessel that entered into our orbit over 3,000 years ago.

Later after the lecture that Tuesday evening, this reporter spoke with Ledwith, mentioning Sitchin. Just as he told the Sonoma Index-Tribune, ETs! “They’ve been here forever. There’s tons of evidence.” Which, for Ledwith and many others throughout the world who believe in UFOs the evidence is all over the place. It’s found among all people’s and cultures on this earth. Whether it is in prehistoric cave paintings or ancient Mayan-Aztec and Egyptian references on temples and tombs, the concept of beings from ‘the heavens’ be it another world, realm or dimension have always been with us.

Eight years before Sitchin’s book made its debut, there was another similar book in 1968 called “Chariots of The Gods” by Erich von Däniken. It was made into a documentary movie shown in theaters back in the 1970s. Since that time, especially with the success of mainstream blockbuster movies like Steven Spielberg’s “ET” contemporary pop culture has been saturated with the concept of alien beings from other planets making visits to earth. Other movies like 1997’s “Contact” starring actor-director Jodi Foster have spotlighted the more scientific and serious side of the search for intelligent life outside our galaxy.

The subject attracts much attention, even from skeptics. Movies like Steven Spielberg’s Close Encounters of the Third Kind and E.T. have certainly changed popular culture’s point of view on the subject of UFOs.

And, while the audience at the Sonoma Community Center was attentive, there were those who gently challenged Ledwith’s beliefs, referring to them as speculations. Some that night simply asked for more “feasible-scientific based” information. Even Ledwith’s starting point for the lecture “The Real Battle of Los Angeles” could be logically explained as a false alarm due to a set of weather balloons that had been floating around the LA area.

Ledwith has provided these types of lectures at the Sonoma Community Center for more than a decade; which is an indication the subject is on-going and stirs up thought-provoking interest. Some people consider the subject of UFOs as entertainment while others view it as pseudoscience.

“Jim’s a great guy,” said Sonoma resident Bonnie Walner, who with her husband were in the audience on Tuesday. Keeping an open mind she expressed a bit of skepticism. Yet, as she said. “I have to say with Jim, the subject of UFO’s is a religion. He is certainly very devoted to it. And, he’s not alone, there are many people who believe just as fervently as he does.”

For more information about Jim Ledwith and his lectures and studies about UFOs visit his web site.