Tokyo Game Show 2019, where videogames will be wild


As Julius Caesar said: “Alea iacta est“. On September 12, the Tokyo Game Show 2019 will begin, which will be held in the Japanese capital until the 15th. The main companies in the video game market are planning to take their biggest innovations to the fair. And of course, being at the doorstep of a new generation that will arrive in 2020, what users, professionals and journalists alike expect is to be able to see “something” of the new consoles.

In the Makuhari Messe in Chiba, hundreds of thousands of people will gather again to enjoy the latest in video games. The appointment will allow us to try first-hand the next games and watch videos and demos of titles that will arrive later, very advanced in 2020. For journalists worldwide this event has always been the easiest way to connect with the video game industry originally from Japan. Every year there is a greater effort on the part of japanese companies to better fit with western trends and this is something that is received with open arms at the Tokyo Game Show.

Nintendo will have a new version of Switch to continue selling units and try to be the most desired present for children and families at Christmas. Sony works on its PlayStation 5, but for now everything is a mystery. The PlayStation company was absent from the past E3 with the excuse that they wanted to concentrate on their own events and leave some space between such a great fair. It’s easy to know that what really happened was that they still didn’t have something valuable enough to show about PlayStation 5, so they preferred to leave the way for Microsoft to announce something about their next Xbox. And although Japan has never been very much in favor of Microsoft consoles, the company does not lose hope and will surely have some surprise saved so that attendees at the Tokyo fair can be satisfied. The future of your Project Scarlett sounds the most interesting and finally can be the machine that finally allows Microsoft to succeed in Japan.

Of course, the Tokyo Game Show 2019 will also be a time to try new games. The event will take place shortly before the launch of Death Stranding, so it will be a unique opportunity to try it first hand. The new game of Hideo Kojima points high and possibly will become the most played title of the event. You can also try Project Sakura Wars, the rebirth of one of the most legendary Sega franchises, which will return in December. Other new games to keep track of in the event will be Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes Complete Edition, Atelier Ryza, the new Dragon Ball and the latest productions from companies such as Sony, Capcom or Nintendo itself, which always has something interesting What to show on these dates.

And let’s not forget that more and more this event offers a great showcase for indie developments. Year after year there are more small companies that visit the Tokyo Game Show to publicize their games and so know both users and potential publishers interested in them. This adds value to the event and helps make the experience better for visitors. There will also be other areas such as a section dedicated to future video game development students and a children’s part in which the little ones will have fun. Of course, the Tokyo Game Show will have several pop-up stores where will be possible to shopping official and exclusive merchandising.