Finding a New NHS Dentist is a Pain in the Arse


So I thought that now as the old ticker is more or less sorted l’ll get the nashers done, but finding a new NHS dentist who’ll take me on is a pain in the arse.
Sheringham won’t take me back because I didn’t make an appointment to see them last year, and they won’t bend their rules a little even after I told them that the reason I couldn’t see them last year was because I was ill.

Both ones in Cromer won’t take me on, although one will if I register as a private patient, which I can’t afford as I’m on benefits.
The ones in Holt, Aylsham, North Walsham and the ones in Norwich that you can get to easily on public transport are more or less the same. No NHS places but will take me on privately.
After all that a phone call to the NHS Choice folks has given me two choices – one in Thorpe St Andrew, which would involve a 3 hour plus round trip, or one in Dereham, which would involve a 4 hour plus round trip.
The sad thing is that if it had been any other part of my body I’d have no trouble getting treatment.