It’s Just a Series of Job Interviews, Isn’t It?

Credit: The Scotsman

Credit: The Scotsman

So the question that almost everyone in the United Kingdom is asking is who will be our next Prime Minister. There’s currently six fellows trying to get the job, and they’ve all done their best to secure the votes of the Conservative Party faithful during yesterday’s television debate and today’s media hustings. Well, almost everyone, because the front runner, Boris Johnson, was rather conspicuous by his absence from both of these high-profile events.

What a lot of people don’t realise is that these events are essentially job interviews. These well-educated men are more-or-less being interviewed for the most powerful job in the land. Yet Boris doesn’t seem to think he needs to attend these interviews.

As someone who is currently looking for work I’ve attended countless interviews over the past few months. The simple fact is that if I didn’t attend these interviews I wouldn’t have been considered for those jobs.

So as Boris doesn’t think it’s important enough to attend these events, these job interviews, then why should those who have the power, the Conservative members of Parliament and members of the party, give him their vote.

If it ends up working for Boris then maybe I should try it with the next job interview I’m offered. “Hello Tesco. You want me to come in for an interview? But I’ve been working in retail on and off for nearly twenty-five years. Why do I need an interview? Why not just interview those other blokes and then just give me the job?”

Sadly life doesn’t work that way, but it probably will for Boris Johnson.