Taylor Swift is Better Than You…..and the Baby Jesus

Credit: Cosmopolitan

I was browsing through Twitter the other day, as you do, when I came across this little gem, posted on Christmas Day. Here’s the screenshot:

So there you have it. American songstress Taylor Swift is better than our Lord Jesus Christ. After all, Jesus is dead, didn’t write his own book and has never won a Grammy award.

Credit: Cosmopolitan

This person is kidding, right? Or is this really the average view of your average Taylor Swift fan? Now I’m not a religious type, I only go to church for funerals and weddings (when my family bothers to invite me to the latter that is), but I would never go as far as posting nonsense like this.

Credit: Wikipedia

Jesus does have one thing over Ms. Swift though. The 1973 film version of Jesus Christ Superstar has a better approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes than the 2019 film version of Cats.

Take that Taylor Swift. Our Lord is better than you at something!

On a side note, if Ms. Swift is better than Our Lord does that mean that Scooter Braun is the Devil? After all, he’s committed the most heinous of crimes by buying the rights to her back catalogue, and he did unleash the evil that is Justin Bieber onto the world.

Just think about that for a minute.