Baker Mayfield & Odell Beckham Clowns Colin Cowherd On Twitter


Colin Cowherd seems to be messed with the wrong guys. In his recent edition of The Herd, Cowherd called out Odell Beckham Jr., naming as off – the-field controversies nine of his top-10 most memorable moments, which was clearly a direct shot at the veteran wideout.

Odell responded with a playful Tweet, lol.

To make matters worse for Cowherd, new teammate and quarterback Cleveland Browns Baker Mayfield did his best and fired back at the personality of FOX Sports, something he’s all too familiar with at this point. He came to Beckham’s defense and again blasted Cowherd.

Both Odell Beckham Jr. and Baker Mayfield fought back against the negative views of Colin Cowherd over them. It’s hard to blame them, but at the same time it’s probably also unproductive: whether they realize it or not, they actually hold in their own hands the fate of these takes. If they wreck the league, win the AFC North, and then go on to win the Super Bowl, then what will he say?

Mayfield’s FS1 host sparring dates back over a year, culminating in a throwdown in-studio debate. Since then, it has been flared up several times. Beckham went on a several tweet response diatribe against Colin on Wednesday after his ’10 most memorable moments’ list for the receiver included the famous one-handed catch and nine … more negative moments.

In mid-March, Beckham was traded to the Browns from the Giants in exchange for a package focused on safety Jabrill Peppers and first- and third-round picks in the NFL Draft last month.

Whether Mayfield and the Browns will have enough talent to dethrone Brady and the Patriots in the AFC is up for discussion. Cleveland is listed in the conference as the No. 3 betting-line choice at 13-2 odds just behind New England 7-2 and the Kansas City Chiefs 9-2, by Vegas Insider.

In Week 8 of the regular season, the star quarterbacks will face off Oct. 27 in what is likely to be billed as a potential AFC Championship Game preview if the Browns are up to the hype early in the year.