Kyrie Irving Rumors Joining Lebron James And The Los Angeles Lakers Through Free Agency

Credit: Wiki Commons

Right now, the Lakers need a win. Only 35-40 fans showed up to protest the team outside the Staples Center on Friday, but still, the fact that Lakers fans show up and chant about how they want team legend Kurt Rambis out as a power broker talks about how much of a dumpster fire stuff for Los Angeles has been.

It would be a win to land Kyrie Irving as a free agent.

It’s probably the best realistic scenario for them this summer, and while this idea would have been laughable 20 months ago if Irving and LeBron James teaming up in Los Angeles were something Irving at least discussed, according to Brian Windhorst of ESPN, who covered both players (hat tip Hoops Hype).

“But as time passes here and as the possibility exists that Jason Kidd could be hired as the Lakers coach, I think the possibility of Kyrie and LeBron reuniting — that door, which was deadbolted, has been un-deadbolted and has now been cracked open … It might even be opening more by the day. And I say that just because I think it’s on Kyrie’s radar, it’s on Kyrie’s board. He has had discussions with people about playing for the Lakers.”

While in an interview Rob Pelinka and the Lakers were impressed with Kidd, sources say he remains a long shot to be hired as the head coach (the Lakers wanted to force him as an assistant on Tyronn Lue, one of the reasons Lue got up from the table and walked away). Irving and LeBron both respect Kidd, but it’s no reason to hire a coach on its own.

Before July 1, a lot of things can — and will— happen. Nevertheless, for a Lakers team that won’t land the biggest name free agents this summer — Kevin Durant, Klay Thompson, and Kawhi Leonard are not all Lakers leaning — landing Irving would be the win they need.