LaVar Ball Predicted Los Angeles Lakers Downfall & Talks About Expanding Big Ball Brand


Within the Lakers front office, there have been many reports and a lot of turmoil speculation. Magic Johnson went to ESPN’s First Take to spill all the beans on his tenure as team president to hammer home the point. Within the front office, he revealed betrayals and power struggles; but none of them was surprising.

In fact, the ineptitude of the Lakers was so obvious that their collapse was foreseen by even LaVar Ball. Here he talks all the way back in February about their discombobulated front office.

LaVar is often nonsense speaking, but here he foreshadowed the truth. He called Magic for being just a “face” for the franchise and challenged the Lakers leadership’s power struggle.

The lack of Lakers front office structure was one of their greatest downturns. Magic specifically pointed to Rob Pelinka as someone who betrayed him by talking behind his back–still the current GM. He also voiced his frustrations about having power on the side of basketball operations with Tim Anderson–the chief operating officer who mostly handles business aspects.

Despite the frustrations of Magic and the warnings of LaVar, it does not look like any changes are being made by the Lakers. As Kurt and Linda Rambis became important voices within the front office, more voices have become involved in basketball operations. The team also recently announced that they won’t be hiring a new team president and will keep Pelinka as the chief decision maker.

The Lakers are quickly becoming one of the biggest laughingstocks in the league while wasting away LeBron James’ talent. If Ball can tell why your franchise is a mess, you should probably make some important changes.

LaVar Ball does NOT fold the Big Baller brand— actually, it’s the opposite— he’s expanding BBB with plans to make it bigger than ever, TMZ Sports has learned.

Recently, LaVar had some big problems with BBB— co-founder Alan Foster claimed the company and his son, Lonzo Ball, stole a FORTUNE.