Roger Goodell Postpones Decision on Robert Kraft And Tyreek Hill Until Legal Matters Are Resolved


NFL commissioner Roger Goodell spoke at Wednesday’s NFL spring meetings and you can bet he was asked about the situations involving New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft and Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver Tyreek Hill.

Kraft is, of course, still being investigated for a petition, and Goodell will not speculate on possible punishments, preferring to wait for more of the facts to come out. Goodell also said the league will gather its own facts and wait until everything is finished to discipline the Pats owner.

Tyreek Hill is still being investigated for alleged child battery, and because a court proceeding is currently taking place, Goodell said the league will not “interfere with that,” but will talk to Hill as soon as possible.

The public wants to resolve both these cases and punish Kraft and Hill in some way, but Goodell smartly saves face by allowing the legal issues to be resolved before league penalties are imposed.

Recently, a judge granted Kraft’s legal team a motion to suppress video evidence that prosecutors would use against him. That ruling has been appealed and it is likely that any conclusion to the case will be delayed until such time as those appeals take place in court.

Kraft attended the meeting but was unable to speak with reporters. He continues to do business related to football while facing charges of a misdemeanor in Florida for seeking prostitution.

Despite Chiefs ‘ push for both teams to get possession, NFL will not change its overtime rules, Kraft declined a plea deal and his lawyers won a key court victory when a judge ruled out video evidence gathered by police at a day spa. But even if Kraft is not convicted of a crime, Goodell’s conduct policy would empower him with a suspension or fine to discipline him.

A long story short, Goodell is buying time for Kraft and Hill.