Stephen Curry Trolls Chris Paul For Kicking Him Off The Court Before Game 6

Credit: Zimbio

Steph Curry booked on the court at the Toyota Center on Thursday night to get some shots for an hour to prepare for Game 6 between Golden State Warriors and Houston Rockets. Chris Paul had the wind of this happening, so he decided to go to the arena to get his shots in, nixing the reservations of Curry and kicking him off the court. Curry offered to take only half of the court, but Paul wouldn’t. Now curry gets the last laugh.

As Curry torched the Rockets for 33 points, five rebounds and four assists in a six-win game, Paul’s plans were completely backfired. Steph yelled “Kick me off the court again, boy!” on his way back to the locker room as he was amped up to celebrate the series victory with Draymond Green over the Rockets.

The antics of Paul are eerily similar to the antics of Red Auerbach, who would strip any courtesies or necessities away from visiting teams when facing the Boston Celtics. Auerbach would ensure, among other things, that there was no hot water in the showers visiting, dead spots on the parquet floor.

Auerbach always made sure his team had more than one home court advantage, and Paul tried to do the same, though the wrong way.

Then again, perhaps the tactics of Paul gave Curry more motivation, as the sharpshooter went off to eliminate the Rockets for 33 points in the second half (after scoring zero in the first half).

The competitiveness of Curry is legendary. Talk to anyone around the league and it’s one of the first words about him that will come up. Competitor. This is a guy who, from the time he was in high school, internalized disrespect and turned it into the venom of an Amazonian snake.

And don’t think for a second that this is just some made-up media that even Curry was bothered by this, all in the name of a good story. Curry is bothered by every small thing. And every detail he remembers. From Thompson again.