How Many Guns does it take to Arrest one Unarmed Black Man?


A live Instagram Stream shows a young black male surrounded by several armed officers, guns drawn as he knelt with his back to them. The man, later identified as 24-year-old William Ewell appears to be complying with the officers. He’s shown on his knees, hands above his head. Ewell appears to be at the mercy of and in compliance with police officers.  More continue to arrive on the scene and draw their weapons. The final count looks to be about 10 police officers with guns drawn, and one black unarmed male on his knees.

“He loosely matches the description of the suspect”

As the video went viral, spreading from Instagram to Facebook, and other social media platforms, the public was outraged by the words of a police officer in the video. The officer can be heard saying that Ewell “loosely matched the description of the suspect”.


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Holsey asks the officers why they have their guns pulled on this young man.

The woman shooting the video identifies herself as Sky and is later further identified as Sky Holsey. Holsey can be heard asking the officers “Why are your guns pulled on this young man?”. We’ll soon learn, that this mother of 3 children with no daddy had reason to fear for this man’s life.

Ewell tells the officers that he has no weapons on him. Sky repeats his declaration, saying “He has no weapons”. She then continues by letting the officers know that their actions are being documented: “We live right now”. “We are sooo live”. Next Holskey asks the suspect his name, a tactic that’s taught to humanize potential crime victims to their attackers.

Afraid for Ewell’s life, Holsey asks the officers if they are going to shoot him.

“Are you going to shoot him?!” Holsey is heard yelling out to the officers, then addressing Ewell again she’s heard saying  “Okay, relax baby, relax.  Relax, cuz they will shoot you. They killed my boyfriend in 2015.” Holsey said to Ewell.

Relax baby, relax, cuz they will shoot you.


The father of Holsey’s three children was shot and killed by officers from the LA County Sherriff’s Office in 2015.

Holsey identified her boyfriend in the video as Leroy Browning. Browning was killed by police in 2015 at a Taco Bell after allegedly reaching for and violently tugging on an officers service weapon. The police involved in the death of Browning were found to have acted in self-defense and in the defense of others. The tragic ending of Holsey’s children’s father was reportedly justified.

According to reports,  Browning was being placed inside of a police car, with his back to officers as one of them, Officer Schnereger, was reportedly attempting to place handcuffs on him.

Browning Reportedly Resists Arrest and Shoves his Way out of the Car and Onto Schnereger

According to a report by the Los Angels County District Attorney’s Justice System Integrity Division Browning began to resist and attempted to push his way out of the patrol car. All four officers, Schnereger, Nolin, Quiroz, and Rodriguiez struggled with Browning until Browning ultimately propelled out of the car and on top of Schnererger.

they killed my boyfriend in 2015

Browning reportedly reached for Nolin’s firearm. The report goes on to say that he  was unsuccessful in procuring it. Next, he grabbed for and tugged Schnererger’s firearm violently several times. The report says that during this struggle, Schnererger yelled out that Browning had or was trying to get his weapon. The three officers were unable to pull Browning away from Schnererger, and reportedly feared for their lives. Nolin discharged his weapon, firing 5 times, andkilling Browning.

80 Officers from the LA County Sherriff’s Office allegedly belonged to an internal gang referred to as the Banditos

Leroy Browning was shot by police moments after having been so intoxicated that he was unconscious. Given that history, Sky Holsey seemed to fear the nearly one dozen police officers with guns drawn. That isn’t the whole story though. There is more to Brownings story. The officers that shot Browning may have belonged to a gang within the police department that Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department who called themselves the “Banditos”

According to a lawsuit filed by Guadalupe Lopez as reported by CBS News  The clan within the police department included about 80 Sherriff’s deputies all associated with “The Banditos”. Bandito members are marked by a tattoo featuring a skeleton with a sombrero featuring a bullet sash and a pistol.

Female trainees were expected to “submit” and “provide sexual favors for male training officers and their associates”.

At least one officer on the scene was marked by the alleged Banditos trademark skull and cowboy hat.

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It’s unsure if all of the officers that responded to the DUII at Taco Bell that lead to the death of Leroy Browning were associated with the Banditos, however, officer Polissky, the officer that went into the Taco Bell to fetch the surveillance video testified that he had acquired his skull tattoo a few years prior as a part of an exclusive crew of Palmdale Station Deputies according to a report by the LA Times. 


The Hawthorne Police Department released a statement in which they explained that following an argument with a female cashier in the store employees of the store forced Ewell out.