’13 Reasons Why’ ending with a fourth season

'13 Reasons Why'
Credit: Netflix/YouTube

After barely holding on amid controversy and fallout, the controversial ’13 Reasons Why,’ teen drama is coming to a close. Netflix announced this week that they are ending the young adult series with a fourth and final season. The news comes as Netflix is gearing up to release Season 3 later this month.

Netflix announced that the upcoming third season of ’13 Reasons Why,’ will drop August 23rd. The Hollywood Reporter first broke the news that the fourth season renewal would be the end of the line for the controversial show. The final season has already begun production, but the streaming giant has not said anything about a release date or episode count. The plot is rumored to center on the high school graduation of the core group of characters.

Netflix cowers to consumer complaints over ’13 Reasons Why’ subject matter

’13 Reasons Why’ has not been immune to controversy. The show has received severe backlash since season one, not surprising given it’s subject matter. The four-season original show is centered on a teenager who ends up committing suicide and leaves behind audio messages on cassette tapes for all of the people she believed affected her decision. Netflix just eliminated a graphic scene from the season one finale, which depicted the suicide of Hannah.

The short scene was edited and scrubbed two years after the show debuted to high praise, while still receiving criticism for ‘glorifying’ suicide. The renewal moves the story past the book of the same name which drove season one’s storyline. The show’s renewal for a fourth season was made real after the cast signed new deals for a third season and an option for a fourth season.

The decision to end the series comes as Netflix continues to end shows sooner rather than later. Part of the decision is financial, as Netflix has to pay Paramount TV for the rights to ’13 Reasons Why.’ This show was costly to make, in part to the cast financial deals.

’13 Reasons Why’ season three possibly revealing deepest dark secrets

Netflix says that the upcoming season will revolve around the characters who are placed under police scrutiny after a football player disappears. In the trailer, we can see the group at a funeral for the football player. As the investigation continues, it leaves the possibility of everyone’s dark secrets to be revealed. The group meanwhile is also struggling to carry the burden of the cover-up.

Showrunner Brian Yorkey returns, along with new and old characters and a cast including Timothy Granaderos, Anne Winters, Steven Weber, Brenda Strong, Amy Hargreaves, and Grace Saif. Fans will have to wait and see how the story is resolved in the final season.