Andy Serkis hired to direct ‘Venom 2’

Andy Serkis
Credit: YouTube/Marvel Studios

The ‘Venom’ sequel has found its director in Andy Serkis. Last year, ‘Venom’ became a massive box office hit, even while receiving negative reviews from film critics. Tom Hardy took on the role as Eddie Brock in the film that earned $856 million globally, with a production budget of only $100 million. Sony felt pretty strong that they had what they wanted in ‘Venom’ before it premiered.

‘Venom’ sequel planned despite shifting creative team

Despite a reshuffle of the creative team, Sony was expected to approve a sequel for ‘Venom,’ which was hinted at during a post-credit scene in the first film. It was reported that Director Ruben Fleischer is not returning and that Sony was looking for his replacement. One of the names that popped up was Andy Serkis. Hardy even teased Serkis’ hiring on social media and now it’s official.

THR reports that Serkis met with Sony on July 22 to discuss the sequel. ‘Venom 2′ will be Serkis’ third directorial outing in his career. Serkis made the news official on his Twitter account. Serkis, of course, his renowned for his various motion-capture performance roles in blockbusters including the ‘Lord of the Rings’ trilogy and the ‘Planet of the Apes’ series, and the first two chapters of the ‘Star Wars’ sequel trilogy.

Andy Serkis resume fits perfectly with ‘Venom’ franchise

While Serkis continues to expand his acting resume, including a minor role in ‘Black Panther,’ Serkis is also looking to expand his work by taking on the director role. While his previous directorial projects did not become a serious hit, Serkis showed a lot of promise behind the camera, whether it’s getting the best out of the actors or handling massive visual effects.

Andy Serkis brings a unique background to ‘Venom 2,’ which will strongly benefit from him as director. As a visual effects expert, it will be interesting to see how he handles the Eddie/Venom dynamic.

‘Venom’ was the massive hit Sony desperately needed, breaking box office records during its run and launching a full franchise for other films based on various Spider-Man villains. The sequel is clearly a priority for the studio, eager to strike while the iron is burning hot and fan interest is high. Serkis is an inspired choice for director, and he clearly impressed executives with his vision for ‘Venom 2.’