Jason Garrett needs a strong winning record this season to keep his job

Jason Garrett

As the 2019 campaign begins for the Dallas Cowboys, all eyes are on Jason Garrett and how he will perform this season as head coach. While Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has faith in Jason Garrett and wants to see him succeed as the Cowboys head coach, questions still remain. One of the most important being how many wins will Garrett need to keep his job. Despite struggling, season after season, it seemed like Garrett would be out of a job. This year the bigger question is whether Jason Garrett is the right man for the job and can lead the team to a Super Bowl victory. Jones has said that Garrett will remain head coach as long as he is owner and general manager.

Jason Garrett is working with a fully loaded Cowboys team

Despite having the support of Jones, he is still facing pressure to deliver this season. Dallas has managed to put together a strong team, definitely a top-five in the league. Despite Ezekiel Elliott skipping training camp, the combination of Dak Prescott, Amari Cooper and Elliot gives the Cowboys enough strength and power to rank among the top-five offenses in the league. Prescott is also driving a team behind a top-tier offensive line.

The Cowboys defense also boasts a high-powered roster. DeMarcus Lawrence has become the biggest name on the defensive line, but it’s not all on his shoulders. Jaylon Smith is becoming a talented young linebacker who has the power to become an All-Pro. Byron Jones is also growing into one of the strongest cornerbacks in the NFL. Putting this all together, the Cowboys should end up with one of the top-10 defenses this season.

Jason Garrett needs to get the Cowboys into the postseason

Having star studded talent on both the offense and defense increases the pressure facing Garrett to lead “America’s Team,” on a playoff run. While Jones has shown himself to be a fan of Garrett, he’s more focused on the belief that the Dallas Cowboys should be contenders for Super Bowl titles, year after year. This doesn’t mean Garrett needs to win this year, might be difficult because Tom Brady is still stronger than ever and still playing, it does mean he can’t miss out on the NFL playoffs completely.

Jason Garrett’s goal must be a 10-win season. Garrett doesn’t need to win the division, but he needs a top playoff berth. A minimum he needs to reach is a 10-6 season. Garrett can’t really change his mindset as a head coach until the postseason arrives. His job will be in jeopardy if the Cowboys fail and can’t reach or the postseason. In a perfect world, the Cowboys needs to reach the NFC Championship game to really have a successful season. Now not reaching the NFC Championship is not a death sentence, but the pressure will be turned up on Garrett heading into the 2020 season.