Are you travel smart? 7 ways to find the most reliable travel advice


Preparing for your trip-of-a-lifetime is not an easy task. Check these tips below to be a smarter traveler to save time, money resources and even from the hassle.

Before you go

So what do you think is the best possible way to both enjoy the experience of preparing for your most-awaited vacation time and making sure your resources (time, money and effort) will not go to waste?

Before you go, planning your trip ahead wisely will not only lead you to experience what you expect to be in your dream holiday but surely will save you a lot of time spending your time-precious trip in solving problems and even crisis on site.

Which comes first?

So what do you need to plan first? If you’re having trouble sorting it all out, why not start with knowing where you want to go and how to get there safely and with minimal hassle along the way.

In one of the travel guidebooks written by Christoper Elliot, a nationally acclaimed travel expert in the USA and National Geographic Traveler, ” How to be the world’s smartest traveler (and save time, money and hassle)”, he shared six ways to find the most reliable travel advice and adding one more that incorporates the element of safety and security due to recent trends and challenges faced by the world travel and tours industry today.

Check this:

The more the better

Before heading to learn about the seven ways to find the most dependable trip information in this article, don’t forget to remember the fundamental principle that “a little knowledge can be a dangerous thing”. Even with the ideas shared here, never think that the writer and the author of the book know it all.

Bottom line, there is no single source of information. Always make sure you have multiple sources to verify and choose from.

Verify first

When it comes to travel, it is important for us to understand that we need to always verify travel recommendations and facts.  Verification is vital in order to decide on what’s the best thing to do before you go. It is called ‘triangulation’ or ‘triangulate a travel recommendation’. Meaning you review from multiple sources independent to one another.

What is Triangulation?

The term triangulation or triangulate the truth basically means verifying the facts (at least three sources) in which most seasoned journalists used to do prior to writing their stories.

More info on the word triangulation:

7 ways to find the most reliable travel advice

So to begin with, here’s the top list of the ways to get the most trustworthy travel suggestions for your guidance and wise use of resources. As such, the ideas below were quoted and ranked in order of credibility.

#1  Word-of-mouth advice

Word-of-mouth advises from a close friend, relative, colleague, or trusted travel advisor is ranked first as your most reliable source.

Somehow, travelers are storytellers. As a result, they have different experiences. Furthermore, Christopher Elliot mentioned that “although word-of-mouth advice may have the most value…not all person-to-person advice is created equal”.

#2 Personal advice from your social network (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus, Instagram, Pinterest and etc.).

Be mindful of their bits of advice. Reactions are different from reviews. It’s irrelevant to read posts from people without any experience of the destination.

#3 ‘Been there, done that’

Advice from someone within your social network who lives at the destination or has recently been therePeople are different. They have different views about the place. Keep an open mind. So, find more sources as much as possible.

#4 Check our travel publications.

Guidebooks provide published advice. Lonely Planet, Fodor’s and Triple A (‘AAA”) are examples of travel publications. To be relevant, publications need to be updated.

#5 Travel blogs and reviews

Check travel blogs too. On the contrary, be careful of travel blogs that are biased. Most travel bloggers promote business online directly or indirectly.

#6 Travel forum or user-generated sites.

Top sites like TripAdvisor Travel Forum, Thorn Tree Travel Forum (Lonely Planet), Fodor’s Travel Talk Forum, and even Google Map app soon. Hence, be specific with what you need to know. On the contrary, most travel forum contains lots of reviews or posts. Don’t get lost. You need to save time.

Read this article to know more about travel forum or user-generated sites:

#7 Check your country’s official travel advisories.

The recent Sri Lanka bombings and terroristic reports worldwide post a high risk to tourist. Countries like the USA provides comprehensive travel advice to their citizens.

According to Travel.State.Gov site, a US Department of State-Bureau of Consular Affairs, their mission centers on Safety. Security. Service. Protecting the lives and interests of U.S. citizens overseas is their highest priority.

Planning makes you smarter

Planning makes you smart. Also, it’s even smarter if you save time, resources from the hassle. Take note, Benjamin Franklin said, “Failing to plan is planning to fail”.

Take time to plan. Carefully check your sources. Decide which is the best option. Therefore, it’ll not make you even smarter traveler but a wiser one too.