Apple has been edging closer and closer to a bezel-free iPhone for the past several years. However, it never quite got the hang of what designer Jony Ive would call “a single slab of glass.” Though the company has made some strides toward this goal, it still hasn’t been able to get rid of the bezels completely.

While many people believe that a notchless iPhone may be years away, some reports suggest that it could be released in 2020. If these are true, then this would be accomplished with a fingerprint reader that’s been embedded into the phone’s display.

Learning From The Samsung Galaxy S10

The reports draw upon details released over the past few years, as well as some information that has recently been leaked. Though analysts first predicted that the smartphone wouldn’t be unveiled until sometime in 2021, it appears that something has sped this up. This is mainly focused on technical challenges, which many believed would take much longer to overcome.

Even if the notchless iPhone was released in 2020, it wouldn’t be the first such device to feature an embedded fingerprint reader. In contrast, the Samsung Galaxy S10 generated a significant amount of hype, although it proved to be quite flawed. A lot of this focused on the lack of security with the scanner.

For example, one user was able to bypass this in 13 minutes by using a 3D printer. Alongside this, if a screen protector was used, then any fingerprint could unlock it. This led to a variety of banks banning the use of the feature to log in to any of their online services. While Samsung has taken steps to address the issue, the Galaxy S10 still hasn’t recovered.

A Hesistant Market For The Notchless iPhone

Naturally, this means that the notchless iPhone will have a skeptical market to break into. Not only is Apple using relatively new technology, but potential buyers are already hesitant towards it. Alongside this, reports suggest that Apple is dropping Face ID, which makes some people skeptical. However, this doesn’t mean that it’s all doom and gloom.

If reports are to be believed, the company has three design patents for a notchless iPhone, which could overcome many potential obstacles. Given that there’s still a lack of any official confirmation from Apple, it remains unclear as to where in development the phone actually is.