The Mandalorian has been critically and commercially acclaimed since its first episode was released on Disney+. Over the course of the past few weeks, it’s become one of the more successful Star Wars releases to hit the screens, eventually spawning the Baby Yoda meme. Now, the show’s executive producer Jon Favreau has announced that season two will hit screens in Fall 2020.

The announcement came as the final episode of season one was released. Despite Favreau’s confirmation, the ending of The Mandalorian season one teased more episodes. The final episode even concluded with a tease of the show’s villain Moff Gideon. Favreau further teased this with an image on Twitter when announcing season two.

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier

This could also lead to an eventual tie-in with Star Wars Rebels. The tie-in is something that many fans could be excited by, given how popular Rebels has been for the past several years. It looks as though Fall 2020 will be quite a busy time for Disney+. Aside from The Mandalorian season two, it will also be releasing The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, which will be the first Disney+ show set within the MCU.

That show will star Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan as the titular heroes and will begin immediately after where Avengers: Endgame ended. However, details on the show are still relatively scarce, but this is a common trope with most MCU properties.

Disney+’s Competition

However, this doesn’t mean that it’s all been positive news for Disney+ in recent months. In contrast, it’s facing increasing competition, despite only just debuting. One of the larger examples of this can be seen with a recent deal that Netflix has made with Nickelodeon. The agreement will see Netflix creating a variety of shows based on existing Nickelodeon properties while also creating original programming.

It also recently left subscribers confused after comments by CEO Bob Iger made it seem as though downloaded movies and TV shows would just disappear. Instead, a following statement by a spokesperson made it clear that media would be available on all devices as long as it was on the Disney+ platform.

The Mandalorian’s Possible Future

There have also been reports that ‘major’ Star Wars characters will be returning for the second season. While details are quite scarce about what will happen, Deadline has spoken to some insiders from the show. As they report:

Insiders have hinted that several established characters from the Skywalker saga’s feature films mythology will make appearances during the show’s sophomore season.

The Mandalorian season two will be available in Fall 2020, although an exact release date hasn’t been announced.