American politics continues to be surprising. While many presidents see their popularity rise during an economic boom period, few do so during times of scandal. It’s almost never the case during an impeachment. Like in so many other ways, however, President Donald Trump manages to be unique.

According to Gallup’s annual poll, President Trump is tied for the most-admired man in America with former President Barack Obama. The report suggests that both are tied at 18%. What’s just as important is not who was voted for, but who actually voted for them.

President Donald Trump’s Predicatble Results

Only 2% of Democrats named Trump their most-admired person, while 3% of Republicans admitted to admiring former President Obama. As Rolling Stone highlights, voting was quite partisan and somewhat predictable. In their words:

Unsurprisingly, the poll was heavily split by politically partisan views. Forty-five percent of Republicans choose Trump, while 41 percent of Democrats picked Obama. Independents spilt rather evenly with 12 percent for Obama, and Trump getting the nod from 10 percent of those polled. No other public man cracked 2 percent in the survey.

Alongside this, the results of the most-admired woman in America were surprisingly similar. As many would expect from the President Donald Trump/former President Barack Obama situration, First Lady Melania Trump and former First Lady Michelle Obama made the top two.

What is surprising here, however, is that there was quite a noticeable difference between the two. Former First Lady Michelle Obama came out on top with 10% of the vote. In contrast, First Lady Melania Trump received 5%. Others to be named in the list include Oprah Winfrey, climate activist Greta Thunberg, and former secretary of state Hillary Clinton.

Trump’s Meddling With Ukraine

The fact that President Donald Trump continues to be admired may be surprising to some. This is especially true given mounting evidence that he was using Ukraine for personal gain. The majority of this is seen in using attorney-client privilege with Rudy Guiliani in withholding military aid from the country.

As The New York Times notes in a sprawling account:

[Acting White House Chief of Staff] Mulvaney is said by associates to have stepped out of the room whenever Mr. Trump would talk with Mr. Giuliani to preserve Mr. Trump’s attorney-client privilege, leaving him with limited knowledge about their efforts regarding Ukraine. Mr. Mulvaney has told associates he learned of the substance of Mr. Trump’s July 25 call weeks after the fact.

It’s unclear as to whether President Donald Trump’s popularity will be impacted. Alongside this, it may affect his 2020 election chances. With a Democratic crowd that seems to be both under- and over-whelming, that doesn’t seem to be a concern, however.