Taylor Swift has been jumping through a lot of legal hoops in recent months. Much of this has been focused on her back catalogue, the rights to which are currently owned by Big Machine. As a result, she’s steadfastly refused to perform her songs or license them for movies and T.V. shows. However, she may have found a workaround to appear on the Killing Eve soundtrack.

But first, a bit of context. The main reason that Swift has refused to license her songs to movies and shows is that the profits would go to Big Machine. The record label purchased the rights to her songs in what may be considered a legal grey area. As a result, the singer has been trying to claw back the rights to the songs since then.

While this has meant that her songs haven’t been heard outside of CDs and streaming services, it’s meant that Big Machine hasn’t profited off the work, which Swift believes shouldn’t happen. Now, this is where a few other legal grey areas come into play.

Taylor Swift Apparently Appears On Killing Eve

While Taylor Swift isn’t going to let her versions of her songs be used on television programs, cover versions can still do so. Through some legal manipulation, none of the proceeds of this would go to the record label. While this would mean that Swift herself wouldn’t be able to profit off its use, she may have found a workaround.

According to an analysis by Buzzfeed, the critically and commercially acclaimed singer may have recorded a cover version of her own song for Killing Eve, a programme that she purportedly loves. While this hasn’t been officially confirmed, it looks as though this has been the case.

As Buzzfeed reports, a band by the name of Jack Leopard & The Dolphin Club recorded a version of Look What You Made Me Do, which subsequently appeared in a recent episode of Killing Eve. The band is reportedly fronted by Taylor Swift’s brother Austin, with the singer herself working behind the scenes.

Though it will be a while before this is officially confirmed or denied, it hasn’t stopped the internet from perpetuating the rumor over the past few days. You can listen to the Look What You Made Me Do cover below.