First Eight Months of Imran Khan’s Government Doubts, Performance and Tasks


The government of Prime Minister Imran Khan has completed first eight months. Lot of hopes and good will expectations of Pakistani public are along with this government. The major challenge present government faced while taking Prime Minister office is of economy. Before the election campaign, PTI active social media team projected Mr. Asad Umer as a talented economic expert. He was the only individual other than Imran Khan who was nominated publicly as a future finance minister. The day Imran Khan sworn as a Prime Minister, he told nation about accountability across board and no more corruption. To support a challenging economy, Prime Minister Imran Khan visited friendly countries and asked for financial help. Both China and Saudi Arabia extended their cooperation for Pakistan. This was a better start and things gradually were moving towards stability. The famous American President Thomas Jefferson once said:

That government is best which governs the least, because it’s people discipline themselves.

Cabinet ministers of PTI government didn’t learn from the mistakes of past rulers and instead of focusing more on real issues started criticizing opposition parties. Maybe, at some point senior leadership of PTI adopted this strategy to convince their supporters. Instead, it turned worse for the country. Stock markets of Pakistan touched the most low mark and investors lost billions of investments. US Dollar market price sky rocketed and prices of general goods also increased dramatically. Federal Bureau of Revenue FBR started tightening the free floating economy. All these measures created a panic in large to medium corporations, entrepreneurs, traders and above all in the public of Pakistan. The former Finance Minister Asad Umer said in early days that we will not go to IMF (International Monetary Fund). Later he said, we have no choice but to seek bailout from IMF. He failed miserably in managing the economy and also on “controlling the narrative”. Ultimately, PM Imran Khan took resignation from the finance minister and also re-shuffle whole federal cabinet.

Economic meltdown in Pakistan got further more alarming by border tensions at eastern border with India. Modi’s government violate line of control and Indian Air Force entered the Pakistani air space. Quick and timely response by Pakistan Air Force not only protected the borders of Pakistan, but give a strong massage to Indian government that don’t dare to enter territory of Pakistan. As a diplomatic gesture, Pakistan government also returned the captured pilot back to India. Indian intelligence designs to isolate Pakistan in international community and to create economic hurdles are full exposed.

Two of the right wing journalists, who have a large number of following at print media and electronic television, Hassan Nisar and Haroon Rasheed both helped creating a political career for Imran Khan. Hassan is a moderate columnist and Rasheed  is a religious writer with leaning towards central Islamic ideology. They both have publicly apologized for leading voters in wrong direction by convincing them to vote Imran Khan.

Governance and economic  finance are most focused tasks for any government in power. Similarly, PM Imran Khan should have realized that playing a cricket is a totally different affair then running a government. Especially, the performance is judged by different aspects of the society. Government needs to work with patience and team work. FATA tribal area in KPK province got affected by terrorism and war. Prime Minister Imran Khan has given special attention to enhance confidence of FATA residents. This is a good initiative because this region is located along the Pakistan Afghan border and it’s stability is much important for peace. Another progressive step of the government is to gift state of the art $24 million value Jinnah Hospital to the Kabul government. Such step was needed to bridge the social gap between citizens of Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Imran Khan got a celebrity status and have many connections with international media. Now is the right time to work with logic and in true direction. Pakistan image building is important for the country. Yes, the present governing infrastructure need reforms but nobody can let it go overnight. Good governance means to utilize present resources and achieve amazing results. There are still many options available to lead country into better future. Urban metropolitan cities like Karachi, Lahore and Hyderabad got a large educated youth population. With the better government initiative there are millions of outsourced jobs available especially in information technology IT sector. Two weeks ago, I meet with a senior engineer of Microsoft corporation at an event held in Washington D.C., he told me that Microsoft had reached an agreement with late Benazir Bhutto. According to which IT zones were to be  established throughout Pakistan. Since 2008, not a single political entity has ever even tried to negotiate with American Silicon Valley IT companies. Indian politicians formulate plans and structure incentives to attract foreign investment. Today India’s IT exports are of $137 billion annually.