Kashmir issue is not an ordinary issue because the three countries China, Pakistan and India had fought multiple wars in this sensitive region. Now, this issue is getting world attention because all the three countries are nuclear powers.

Ajit Doval, the National Security Advisor, is strong believer of Hindu supremacy ideology. Doval whom Indian media is proclaiming as a James Bond of the present government. He had served as an undercover agent in Pakistan for more than seven years. He got a lot of experience in espionage, surveillance and undercover operations. Pakistan suffered huge losses economically because of several covert operations running in its financial hub Karachi from a very long time. Incidents such as target killing, ransom, terrorist attacks and the latest attack on a Chinese Consulate are few to be mentioned. Indian Consulates in Afghanistan always claim to the international community that we are here to help our resourceful neighbor but instead, Indian officials spend a lot of time extending financial support to several terrorist groups in the northwestern tribal areas of Pakistan. These tribal leaders not only targeted the armed forces of Pakistan but also killed millions of innocent women and children. In December 2014 APS Peshawar terrorist attack is marked as worst crimes ever recorded in modern history. Not only that but on social media, there is a smear campaign running on the much larger scale with the only purpose to malign the armed forces of Pakistan. These tactics are specifically designed to manipulate with the minds of educated urban youth. At the International level, several anti- Pakistan campaigns have been launched to diplomatically isolate the country especially in the Middle East region and the European Union. Indian Republican Council in the United States has publically elaborated their strategy to lobby for suspension of several Pakistan’s military support programs and F-16 fighter planes deliveries.

It is the Indian National Security Advisor to whom intelligence agencies such as the Research and Analysis Wing and Intelligence Bureau report, rather than directly to the Prime Minister. Due to such vested powers, NSA is a prominent and powerful office in the bureaucracy. Although, Government of India is telling their citizens extraordinary success in the field of national security and stability. The results are quite the opposite. In 2016 a serving commander of the Indian Navy was arrested in Balochistan during counter-intelligence operation. Similarly, the Indian Air Force IAF pilot was captured alive in an ill-planned airstrike. Pakistan released the captured pilot as a good gesture. All these attempts have made one thing very clear that India prefer violence with Pakistan. Many liberal voices have been raised within India criticizing the negative government policies and their aftermath effects. Recently, Congress party senior leader Ghulam Nabi Azad said about Ajit Doval Kashmir policy that with money ”you can buy anyone”. To such an extent, finance is involved in Indian spy games that common Indian citizens are questioning their own leadership. The same money was used to sponsored terrorism operations in Pakistan. The Indian government doesn’t understand that what they have done in Kashmir will haunt them in the future. Now, the Kashmir issue has been highlighted by international media. In major cities like London, Paris, New York, etc: large demonstrations have been recorded and protestors were holding placards with ”Palestine – Kashmir” burning global issues. Thus, Kashmir is not anymore internal issue between Pakistan and India only but it is an open invitation to global jihadists. Also, with money spending, some results could be achieved but it could never match the ideological values. Hamas is a relatively small organization based in Palestine and it got backing only from Iran. Even with less resources Hamas has done much damage to nuclear-armed Israel. Here the Indian government itself is inviting global fighters in Kashmir.

India has been violating the LOC for quite a long time. ISPR of Pakistan has several times warned India that any adventure or miscalculation could lead to a new crisis and be ready for the dare consequences.

Army Chief Gen Qamar Javed Bajwa on Wednesday expressed solidarity with the people of Indian-occupied Kashmir, saying Pakistan will always stand by Kashmiris to counter India’s “hegemonic ambitions” the way it has in the past.

“There can never be a compromise on Kashmir,” Gen Bajwa said in his Independence Day message to the nation, according to a tweet by the director general of Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR).

“Reality of Kashmir was neither changed by an illegal piece of paper in 1947 nor will any other do it now or in future,” he added, rejecting India’s withdrawal of the special status for occupied Kashmir.

Gen Bajwa said the Pakistan Army is “fully alive to the sanctity of Jammu & Kashmir” and will remain prepared to perform its part in line with its national duty for the cause of Kashmir.

Britain — the old colonial power whose hasty exit from the subcontinent without settling the Kashmir dispute sparked the crisis – called for “the situation to remain calm”. The US State Department meanwhile denied Indian media reports that New Delhi had consulted and informed Washington of its decision to revoke Article 370.

In a statement released days after India imposed an unprecedented lockdown on Kashmir, UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said he had been following the situation with “concern” and recalled a 1972 agreement between India and Pakistan that calls for a bilateral resolution to the crisis by “peaceful means”. Russia also requested Pakistan to bilaterally resolve its dispute with India over Occupied Kashmir.

Meeting between President Trump and Prime Minister Imran Khan was quite successful and both countries vowed to form a joint strategy to address peace in Afghanistan. Due to the Indian government’s unconstitutional removal of autonomy of Kashmir status, Pakistan Army and Intelligence Agency are busier in securing their eastern border with India. These tactics have further deepened the Afghan crisis. The international community should pressurize India to stop the illegal bombardment on Pakistani military installations.

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