Binance CEO Hinted at the Possibility of Issuing His Own Stablecoin


BY MARKO VIDRIH: Changpeng Zhao, CEO of Binance exchange did not deny the possibility of issuing the stablecoin. 

A Twitter user called CryptosBatman this Wednesday described the advantages of a hypothetical stablecoin on the Binance blockchain, which can become “one of the biggest tokens on the Binance Chain and increase the network usage and the utility for a lot.” 

“Careful what you wish for,” Zhao responded.

Previously,  Binance CEO repeatedly used this phrase when users wrote about something that his company was already doing, without notifying the public.

For example, he responded to the suggestion of one of the users, according to which Binance should have changed the format of IEO so that only those investors who held a certain amount of BNB on their accounts for a set amount of time could take part, which later happened. 

With the same phrase, he responded to a user who wanted to see a pair with the British pound and Bitcoin on Binance. Soon the Binance Jersey exchange was launched with the support of trading in a pair of BTC/GBP. Last December, Zhao advised the user who wanted Binance to add new pairs with XRP to be more careful with their wishes and really added them.

Featured image credit: Binance