The Most Active Crypto Trading Countries: USA, Japan, and South Korea


BY MARKO VIDRIH: Analytical company DataLight this week published the results of a study of the distribution of traders in the cryptocurrency market by geographic region. They analyzed the traffic of 100 leading crypto-exchanges and collected relevant statistics on the activity of market participants. 

The first place was not a surprise – with a great advantage it belongs to the United States, which account for about 22 million visits per month.

Image credit: DataLight

They are followed by the countries of the Asian region, namely Japan and South Korea, known for their high level of interest in cryptocurrency trading.

Three countries belong to the category “from 3 to 4 million visits per month”: the United Kingdom, Russia, and Brazil.

It is also curious that almost all regions of the world, with the exception of Greenland and Central Africa, are showing some activity on cryptocurrency exchanges. To attract the latter to this market, however, initiatives are already being launched, such as Binance Uganda.

Recently, another study showed that ICO projects from the UAE are leading in terms of funding attracted since the beginning of the year.

Featured image via Pixabay