Trading Volume on Decentralized Exchanges Rose to a Record


Since the beginning of 2019, decentralized cryptocurrency exchanges have seen steady growth in trading volumes. April at the same time promises to be a record month, having already exceeded the March figures of $100 million, according to a new report of the analytical firm Diar.

At the same time, the researchers point out, the current figures are still far from last year.

Thus, record trading volumes on decentralized exchanges were recorded in May 2018, when this figure reached almost $1.6 billion. After that, a sharp decline began, culminating in a figure of only $65.5 million in January of this year.

However, since then trading volumes – both in terms of dollars and in amounts of cryptocurrencies, go upwards exclusively. In relation to ETH in February compared with the previous month, an increase of 32% was recorded, in March this figure increased by another 9%.

Featured image via Pixabay