3D Printed Treasures: Interview with Jewelry Designer Ariadne Kapelioti

Ariadne Kapelioti
Ariadne Kapelioti is a jewelry designer who uses 3-D printers to bring her creations to fruition.

Ariadne Kapelioti is a jewelry designer who uses 3-D printers to bring her creations to fruition. Ariadne Kapelioti was born in Greece and trained as a physicist, a metalsmith and an architect. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Physics and a Masters of Advanced Design in Architecture from Aristotle University. In addition, she completed jewellery design and fashion contextual studies at London College of Fashion, Central Saint Martins College of Art & Design and Condé Nast College of Fashion & Design.

Ariadne Kapeliotidi diligently researches the techniques and development in jewelry construction go create a greater multidisciplinary design philosophy. She founded the first Greek jewellery brand embracing advanced 3D printing technology in 2012 and her work has since been placed at gallery shops and concept stores around Greece and abroad. Formerly known as SUPERLORA, Ariadne launched her eponymous label in 2021. She recently discussed her career via an exclusive interview.

Meagan Meehan (MM): How did you initially get interested in jewelry and how did you break into the industry?

Ariadne KapeliotiAriadne Kapelioti (AK): Even though I am a scientist by training, I always had a keen eye for design. My love for Mathematics, the language of Science, was expressed at a very early age together with my great passion for the creative process and jewelry making. In adulthood, I was conflicted at first about how to include all things I love into my everyday life. After earning my Physics degree in Thessaloniki Greece, I completed jewelry design and fashion contextual studies in London, but it wasn’t until I was self-taught algorithmic design and additive manufacturing when I had actually found the perfect path to pursue and embrace my passion into work following a greater multidisciplinary design philosophy. It was about a decade ago when I founded my brand. Looking back, I don’t really consider this a starting point but an organic evolution of things. In order to expand my knowledge into the field of digital design, I later returned to education and received a Master of Advanced Design in Architecture. Overall, I consider myself as a designer with a scientific approach.

MM: You deal mostly with 3D printed material, so why do those styles appeal to you so much?

Ariadne KapeliotiAK: A keen interest in the creative process has led me towards extensive research and development into jewelry construction via 3D printing technology. I instantly fell in love with additive manufacturing for its incomparable capabilities. Computer aided design provides great freedom of design and complexity, therefore, my aspiration to explore the relation between form and mathematics leads to intricate and highly detailed designs. In addition to traditional materials, such as silver and gold, 3D printing technology extends the list of materials that jewelry can be made from, as a result, I am able to create playful and quirky jewelry collections. Also, additive manufacturing technology is environmentally friendly as it minimizes the quantity of waste materials created during the production process.

MM: How would you describe your style and which colors are you partial to?

Ariadne KapeliotiAK: My jewelry pieces explore the relation between form and mathematics; I create modernist sculptures, treating them as art and representation, giving special emphasis to the idea that creativity is truly and undoubtedly transversal. With the use of advanced digital technology and traditional techniques, my jewelry is an innovative approach to the ancient art of granulation and filigree, materializing the invisible visible into delicate but daring objects. Black and electric blue have always been my happy colors which directly influence my soul.

MM: Out of all your pieces, do you have any favorites? If so, which ones and why?

AK: I have a tremendous personal attachment to my early work with the use of additive manufacturing. It is that feeling of kinship when I first accomplished to materialize the digital into physical objects that generated a great emotional value.

Ariadne KapeliotiMM: What is the most memorable feedback you have ever gotten about your company?

AK: The most notable feedback about my brand is that I have developed my own style which distinguishes my work from other designers in the field.

MM: What have been the highlights of your career so far?

AK: I was honored to be selected among the designers of “Open Design Italia 2015” through an international competition, received the prestigious “A Design Award 2017” in Jewelry, Eyewear and Watch Design Category and participated at “Artistar Jewels 2019” during Milano Fashion Week. In addition, every time I view someone wearing one of my jewelry pieces is a highlight moment; it is that significant moment that fulfils my work, as contemporary jewelry making may be linked to the artistic genre of performance.

MM: How would you like to see the company evolve in the future?

Ariadne KapeliotiAK: Through constant renewal and ingenuity, concurrent with being able to fit the zeitgeist of the era, I wish for my brand to evolve in every aspect over the years; enhance the design ideas, broaden its client base as well as expand materials and techniques, while retaining the brand ethos.

MM: What are your ultimate goals for the future?

AK: Despite the fact that I do set goals, I always keep pushing myself so I never reach a point where I feel topped out; there’s always more room to learn and grow. I have come to find that the most efficient way to evolve is to develop gradually. For me, it is a matter of great importance to become established in order to influence in my own way and contribute in the fight for women’s rights, equality and justice through my work. Overall, my personal goal is to wake up with a smile every day.

Ariadne KapeliotiMM: Is there anything else that you would like to discuss?

AK: “Ariadne Kapelioti” playful visual identity has been created in 2021 by Semiotik Design Agency, the award-winning design consultancy that forms processes to deliver impactful, strategic and future-proof solutions.