Ad Magic Releases Puzzle to Stay Entertained During the COVID-19 Lockdown

Ad Magic
Ad Magic puzzles and games are fun for all ages.

Ad Magic is a company known for printing and producing some of the most popular games on the market today. To help in the COVID-19 fight, the company has recently produced a series of puzzles that are intended to keep people under quarantine occupied.

This innovative new puzzle line creates Playing Card Puzzles out of any photo. The sets come in both 54 card and 108 card sizes. The front is a picture puzzle while the back is a traditional deck of cards, offering double the fun; customized 100-piece jigsaw puzzles can also be created. Anyone can send in a photo and have it made into a puzzle and deck of cards! You can see how it’s done with this YouTube video.

Ad Magic is using a portion of their proceeds to raise money for front-line workers who are currently fighting COVID-19 and the WHO. Having partnered with UTA for, Ad Magic has asked celebrities and influencers to have their photos made into puzzles that their fans can buy for $20 – $25. A minimum of $5 and maximum of $10 per puzzle is donated to the charity of their choice.

Ad Magic and Breaking Games, the Founder of Shari Spiro recently discussed this game initiative via an exclusive interview.

Meagan Meehan (MM): When did you decide to start Puzzles for the Pandemic?

Shari Spiro (SS): Ad Magic brainstormed ideas on how to pivot during this pandemic and we came up with just a few weeks ago. One side is a traditional set of either 54- or 108-deck of playing cards, and the other is a puzzle with a customized photo of your choosing – literally double the fun! We can also create personalized 100-piece jigsaw puzzles. In addition to providing entertainment for families across the nation, we are also raising money for the WHO and frontline responders who are tirelessly working during this pandemic.

Ad Magic
Playing games under lockdown can help pass the time.

MM: How did you come up with the concept for this game and which influencers did you get involved?

SS: An agent at UTA reached out, noting he would like to work together to create some sort of product for his influencer clients, and the timing could not have been more perfect. A couple weeks earlier, we had already thought of To add an additional layer, we would work with UTA’s celebrities to have their images on the cards, which their audience base could then purchase for $20 – $25, and anywhere from $5 – $10 per puzzle would be donated to the charity of their choice. Our first customer is the extremely popular The Odd 1s Out, and we also have a well-known musician, world-renowned celebrity and popular chef on board. We can’t make that announcement just yet but we will very soon!

MM: How have people responded so far?

SS: We just launched a couple weeks ago, and working with UTA, we have quite a few influencers already on board. We are excited to see how many people have already visited the site and placed orders for The Odd1s Out.

MM: How did you get WHO and other organizations involved?

SS: UTA was kind enough to reach out on our behalf. They are an amazing organization that represents not only the best of talent but have the best of people working there.

Ad Magic
The games are suitable for different ages.

MM: What was the most challenging part of creating this game?

SS: This is more of a logistical challenge but it is getting the photos to the correct ratio to fit the puzzles we want to create. Also, making two-sided puzzles line up correctly is quite … interesting, to put it nicely. But playing card puzzles are such a unique item and are so much fun that we have no doubt people will really enjoy playing cards and figuring out puzzles. They’re literally getting a two-for-one!

MM: Are there any upcoming events–or impending game releases–that you would like to mention?

SS: We have a brand-new game called Meeple Mountain, which will be available in late summer / early fall. It’s a very different kind of meeple rolling game that combines the excitement of a Las Vegas craps table with the strategy of a board game. We are also launching a Kickstarter on April 28: an expansion pack for our very popular game, Rise of Tribes, called Beasts and Bronze. Rise of Tribes is currently available in Walmart stores and We are also launching the digital version of Rise of Tribes on Tabletopia very soon. And our newest strategy game – Dwellings of Eldervale – will be available in the summer.