All I Need: Interview with EDM Producer Alex Moye

All I Need
“All I Need” is the latest album by Electronic Dance Music producer Alex Moye that features the new single “Blinded.”

“All I Need” is the latest album by Electronic Dance Music producer Alex Moye that features the new single “Blinded.” Hailing from Jacksonville, Florida, Alex is known for his unique sound that blends house and dance with pop-music. The infectious energy of his music has earned him fans all across the globe.

“Blinded” will be released on Friday, April 9th followed by the May 14 release of his second single entitled “Sand and the Ocean”. The entire album will be released on June 16th, 2021 and it will feature his highly anticipated title track “All I Need.”

Moye has been greatly influenced by iconic DJs like Avicii and Tiesto and he has been creating music since high school. The joy that dance music brings to people it what propels him to work in this genre. Alex recently discussed the album via an exclusive interview.

Meagan Meehan (MM): You started making music in high school, so how did that extend to breaking into the industry and getting to where you are now?

Alex Moye (AM): Well, I’d say my high school phase and my current phase are two separate parts of the journey. I definitely developed an understanding for some of the fundamentals of music production in high school, but I really started applying it a few years ago. I’ve been lucky enough to have built a bit of traction for some of the songs I’ve put out, and it’s given me the opportunity to network with some other really talented artists in the industry who are also on the rise.

MM: You have mentioned being influenced by house music, so how far back does that stretch? For instance, do you listen to the classics from the 80s and 90s?

AM: No, I’d say I mostly listen to newer house/electronic music actually. Anything much older than 2010 and I start falling back into hip hop and alternative rock. That’s all I listened to growing up.

MM: What inspired the songs on “All I Need” and why did you select that title?

AM: This album is the culmination of my better songs over the past two years. The beginning of each project usually starts somewhere a little different every time, so I’ve ended up with an array of different subgenres on this album – from tech house, to tropical house and electro pop. So I’d say there’s something on this album for everybody.

MM: Of all the songs, do you have any particular favorites?

AM: Ah, it’s hard to say. You’re asking me to pick out my favorite child and it’s hard to do that! One of the tracks I really like is “From You,” just because the lyrics tell a story very personal to me. Otherwise, “All I Need” and “Sand and the Ocean” have a really good beat behind them that I’m sure will be some of the favorites by everyone else.

MM: The cover art for this album is really cool! How did you find the artist?

AM: Glad you like it! I actually had a very (very) crude drawing I did myself of the idea I had for this album cover. After I got the basic concept together, I went hunting online looking for artists who specialize in artwork for singles and albums, and the guy I connected with ended up being the perfect fit. He lives out in Germany. The idea behind the album cover is this guy (at the bottom of the album cover) is sitting there taking in the day, and even though there’s so much going on right in front of him, he still manages to get lost in the clouds with all sorts of thoughts. So some of those images are supposed to actually be there, and some of those images are just from his wandering mind. It’s a pretty good representation of who I am, always lost in thought, so I wanted to have an album cover that represented that.

MM: How do you envision the music video for these songs going?

AM: I actually have a few music videos that I’ll release with this album, so you’ll be able to see exactly what I was thinking when the videos come out.

MM: What are your ultimate goals for the future and is there anything else that you would like to mention?

AM: Actually, one of my bigger goals for this project was to put together this album, so it’s going to be a very happy day for me when I finally release it. As far as ultimate goals, I mean the dream would be to keep making music as a means of providing for myself, but for now I’ll continue juggling this project with my day job. I’ve had a few looks come my way from big names within the industry, but I’m not quite where I need to be yet as far as a following, so for now I’m just going to keep making music, and keep my fingers crossed that a good opportunity comes my way when the time is right.


You can learn more about Alex Moye at and follow him on Instagram @alexxmoye.