Apron Inspiration: How a NYC Parade Led to a Cookware Fashion Line

Aprons are a new line of apparel being produced by fashion designer Alexander Gurman who was inspired to start to series after attending NYC parades.

Aprons are set to be all the rage come 2020, at least if one New York-based designer and producer has his way. Alexander Gurman is not your average fashion industry professional. A banker turned creative promoter, fashion show organizer, and clothing designer, Alexander and his wife have created a brand that produces original clothing—like the popular glow-in-the-dark series—and helps independent designers get their original concepts media attention.

A day at the Puerto Rican Day Parade in June inspired Alexander to start a series of aprons which will debut in February 2020 during International Fashion Week.

Alexander Gurman has a YouTube channel that has more than 32,000 subscribers. He, and his models and designer associates, have been interviewed by numerous publications. In 2018 and 2019, Alexander once again shook up the fashion industry by dreaming up a new fashion series concept: using the popular parades, firework shows, and other public New York City events as backdrops you photoshoots that matched the fun atmosphere of the events and gave a spotlight to the designers and models. Yet what Alexander didn’t expect was for his participation in these events to lead to a whole new design realm…that of cookware.

Alexander attends as many cultural events as he can, often photographing models and new styles while at the events.

New York is known for its multiculturalism. Every year, Alexander attempts to go to as many events as possible: the Israel Day Parade, the Saint Columbus Day Parade, the West Indian Day Parade, and a myriad of others. Last year, while covering the particularly colorful and lively Puerto Rican Day parade, inspiration struck.

“I was standing in the crowds at the Puerto Rican Day Parade photographing the crowds, the marchers, and the models and by the end of the day I was starting to get hungry,” Alexander explained. “I started thinking about how much food and culture are linked. At every parade I go to, I see various kinds of food carts which mostly distribute foods that are popular in the country that the parade is celebrating. In those food carts are vendors who are usually wearing aprons to protect their clothes. That’s when inspiration struck and I decided to create a new fashion series of aprons!”

Food is a big part of culture and Alexander noticed that while filming parades in NYC.

The cookware line, which is still in its infancy, primarily focuses on aprons in an array of styles, colors, and patterns befitting of the lively scenes displayed at the parades. The aprons are also functional, containing many pockets in which to keep spoons and carry bottles of ingredients. Alexander plans to return to the parades in 2020 and have the models show off these aprons amid the crowds.

Working with Alexander has given me–and many models–the opportunity to be part of many fun events and be at the forefront of emerging fashion trends.

“I also want to start a cooking show on my YouTube channel,” Alexander explained. “Then we can share recipes for different foods and talk about different cultures and have special guests, all while showing off the aprons. Who knows, if is successful I’ll add other items like stylish oven mitts…and it all started because of an idea I had while filming at the Puerto Rican Day Parade!”

To reach out to Alexander about modeling opportunities, visit him on Facebook. A video of some of his parade footage–where the apron concept was spawned–can be seen on his YouTube Channel.