Artist Chris Bleicher Houses Historic Starfighter Nose F-104 ‘Flower Power’ in South Korea

Flower Power
Flower Power

“Flower Power” is a colorful piece by artist Chris Bleicher, one of the most famous sculptors and painters who is currently living in Germany. “flower Power” is a discarded airplane piece from the Starfighter F-104 which had its last flight on May 22, 1991 at WTD 61 (a military area) in Manching, Germany. For years the F-104 was a test vehicle and work aircraft for equipment and weapon tests. As the main component of the “Chicken Hypnosis Performance” and exhibition “The Chicken in the Cockpit”, the historical piece was painted by the international award-winning neon artist Chris Bleicher, who is currently living in Germany and caused a sensation as early as 1993. “Flower Power” is a symbolic icon for peace. The “nose” has just found a permanent home in the Haegeumgang Theme Museum in Geoje, South Korea.

Chris Bleicher“Flower Power” will also serve as a symbol of peace during the 7th Geoje International Art Festival 2021 (from September 1 to October 25, 2021) which was announced by the museum directors Cheon Eob YU and Kyung Myung JA with the theme PEACE, AGAIN: The festival is based on ATOMIC PEACE, the theme of the 6th Geoje International Art Festival. Peace is of the utmost importance to the world, especially in these times. Artists from more than forty countries will be featured and exhibiting works that are crafted in various genres such as installation, painting, sculpture, and video. The festival stands for international art exchange with works of artists all over the world who join with various backgrounds in peace and harmony.

Chris BleicherFinding a transportation company to move the historical Starfighter nose F-104 FLOWER POWER from Germany to South Korea was no easy feat in Corona times. For her 2022 New Year’s Special Invitation Solo Exhibition “Lightful Energy – Neon Art with Love & Joy”. Chris sent after the “nose” a total of sixteen pieces with neon installations to the show in three custom-made boxes. All of the packages had to be sent by air freight to the Busan airport where museum staff collected them and transported the art to the museum in Geoje. The logistics and planning that go into exhibiting art is not always appreciated or even recognized by those who visit museums. For artists like Chris, who have enjoyed profound success, finding the means to move her neon art safe from one country to another is a major part of her job.

Chris BleicherFLOWER POWER was brought separate to the museum as part of a larger solo exhibition of Chris’ art and a transporting company called alpha trans was kind enough to sponsor her work alongside a crate construction company called Anfang und Forster. Several collectors and the museum also pitched in to help.

Chris Bleicher“I sent instructions to the museum how to handle my neon art without the original crates,” Chris explained. “I sent them some complex pieces like SKYLINE and LOVE is in the Air.”

Chris BleicherYet this show is only the start of bigger things to come for Chris, including a list of solo shows scheduled for 2022 in South Korea. On May 1, 2021, she received a Letter of Appointment from ICOM International Council of Museums ASPAC, that appointed her as a Cultural Ambassador. Moreover, on May 10, 2021 Chris was granted “Best Award”, the Grand Prize of the 7th Geoje International Art Festival, International Culture and Arts Federation.

To learn more about Chris Bleicher, visit her official website.

Chris Bleicher's New Award