Asha Blooms Jewelry: Interview with Designer and Entrepreneur Carol Gahvane

Asha Blooms
Asha Blooms is a jewelry brand that aims to provide buyers with elegant and unique pieces that enable the wearers to feel seen, encouraged, and restored.

Asha Blooms is a jewelry brand that aims to provide buyers with elegant and unique pieces that enable the wearers to feel seen, encouraged, and restored. Some pieces are designed to mirror feelings of gratefulness, gratitude and happiness and you can choose from an array of jewelry lines within the brand. Their lightweight pieces seem delicate, yet they are well-built and will not break easily. Sleek, attention-catching yet sophisticated, these pieces are ideal for both special occasion and everyday wear.

Asha Blooms was founded by a designer named Carol Gahvane who founded the company with help from her husband, Amar. Carol has a passion for making jewelry that is both beautiful and purposeful. Each piece aims to both uplift and inspire wearers and are intentionally created to be lightweight and comfortable yet also eye-catching.

Carol recently discussed her jewelry via an exclusive interview.

Meagan Meehan (MM): How did you discover your love of jewelry and how did you get into designing?

Carol Gahvane (CG): Our business was sparked by a fertility bracelet I wore during a long struggle with secondary infertility. Shortly after we made it through, I realized that I had found strength through that bracelet. It genuinely helped me change the way I thought, and as a result, my beliefs about if I could make it through. That realization – that words and thoughts have power – inspired me to start a business creating jewelry that could lift the spirits of the people who wore them. I signed up for jewelry-making classes right away, searched for gemstones and pendants that had a natural fit with the intention behind each piece I wanted to make, and the rest is history.

MM: How did you establish your company?

CG: My company was, and still is, just my husband and me. We formed an LLC and, because of our backgrounds, had a lot of the skills we needed to do most of the work. For the things we needed help with, like graphic design and professional photography, we found talented people locally who could help on each project.

MM: What was the process of selecting the specific materials you use like?

CG: It starts with the meaning, or intention, behind each piece I design. Some gemstones are considered to have inherent properties that make them ideal fits with different meanings: rose quartz is associated with love, so we use it for our “I Am Loved” signature necklace, while a bird taking flight elicits a feeling of going out into the world and freedom, so a bird pendant part of our “You Are Free to Soar” necklace. No matter what the piece, though, we use high-quality materials like 14-karat gold filled or sterling silver metals. We want to give people quality pieces that last for years, not plated materials that cause allergic reactions and fall apart quickly, even if they cost less.

MM: How do you decide what kinds of jewelry to make and which stones you want to use?

CG: We started out making just our signature necklaces. A necklace is something you can see when you look in the mirror, and its weight reminds you that it’s there. That’s a key part of how it can help remind the wearer it’s there and that it means something to them. After a while, our customers started asking for other kinds of jewelry, like bracelets and earrings, that featured similar intentions and meanings based on the stones and components used to make them, so I started making those. We pick stones based on the meaning associated with each. Just as importantly, though, we make sure we source them, and all of our materials, as ethically as possible. If there’s a certain stone I like, but it might have been mined or cut using unethical labor, I’ll go ahead and find a different stone that embodies that intention, or move onto a different idea entirely. Because of that, I pick my suppliers as carefully as possible so that our customers get pieces they can trust and believe in.

MM: Be honest, which pieces are your personal favorites?

CG: Oh, it’s easy to be honest about this! My favorites, and I’ve said this publicly before, are our ‘I Am Enough’ and ‘I Am Complete’ necklaces. They’re necklaces I created, basically, for myself. I had to tell myself these things every day, almost like a mantra, for years. And I know there are people out there just like me who have to say these same things to themselves, too.

MM: What is some of the best feedback you’ve gotten about your jewelry?

CG: You know, I get told ‘Oh, your pieces are so beautiful, I love them!” a lot, and that kind of feedback makes me feel great, but that’s not really what makes me happy. What really moves me, and sometimes even brings tears to my eyes, is when someone tells me “I bought this for my friend, and she just started crying when she saw the meaning behind the piece. She knew that I understood what she was going through.” Everybody wants to be seen and heard. And when one of my pieces is given as a gift (or when someone buys it for themselves), and they know that somebody really gets them and sees them, their struggles, and wants to help – that’s the best feedback I could ever get.

MM: What other offerings would you like to see added to the line soon?

CG: Well, we just launched our Kind Words Collection. This collection doesn’t have a set meaning, but can be used for any special occasion, for birthdays, sympathy, just because, or anything. Our signature necklaces tend to focus on ‘heavier’ topics, like feelings of being loved or self-worth, and our customers sometimes just want something a little lighter for an everyday kind of occasion, so we introduced this line.

MM: How do you hope the company expands over the next ten years?

CG: I hope we’re able to grow to a point where we’re in hundreds of stores across the country, where ‘Asha Blooms’ is one of the first things someone thinks about when they want to give a meaningful gift to someone they care about, and where people are posting pictures and stories on social about how they got one of our pieces and how it truly helped them feel better. Actually, if we can do that second part where we become well-known and our products are carried by lots of different stores and people are so moved by our jewelry that they share how it changed their lives, I think that first part about being able to help lots of people in different ways is totally doable. I’m aiming for that.

MM: What projects are coming up for you and is there anything else that you would like to mention?

CG: My latest projects include doing a lot more live events on social. Things like sharing my story at speaking opportunities and showing off new or unique pieces where people can buy them right then and there. It’s a lot of fun to connect with customers and other people, instead of just sitting at my desk making jewelry all day! The only thing I’d like to mention is for anybody who’s read this far and is intrigued by Asha Blooms and our jewelry: I see you, and I hear you. My mission is to acknowledge and affirm you through the meaningful jewelry I make. I create each of these wearable reminders with intention, so you can experience lighter and more thoughtful days. I hope I’m able to help you, even if you never become a customer.

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