Balancing Elixirs: Interview with Alchemist Adora Winquist

Balancing Elixirs
Adora Winquist is a modern alchemist whose creations promote physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual healing.

Adora Winquist is a modern alchemist who has spent over twenty years using her creations to promote physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual healing. Her latest potions are called Elixirs 4 Quantum Living collection which can be purchased separately (for $44 each) but are better working in tandem as a three-piece set (which costs $122). Each bottle has a distinctive purpose. The red bottle contains a “Energy Elixir,” the green bottle holds a “Mood Elixir,” and the blue bottle encases a “Sleep Elixir.” All of these elixirs have distinctive scents which produced a stronger aroma on skin than in the bottle.

The Elixirs 4 Quantum Living Elixirs are the first marketed items to be water-soluble and fast-absorbing. They are mixed with a nano-emulsified blend, contain vibrational infusions plus CBD, and highest-grade essential oils. Adora is confident that using these elixirs will immediately elevate ones’ sense of emotional balance, mental clarity, physical vibrancy, and spiritual awakening, thus heightening your overall quality of life.

Entrepreneur alchemist Adora Winquist was inspired by personal health challenges to seek ways to live a healthy life. She traveled as far as India and Egypt to collect information about aromas and ingredients that are constructive to wellness. She recently discussed her career and company via an exclusive interview.

Meagan Meehan (MM): How did you get interested in alchemy and which aromas do you personally consider to be the most appealing?

Adora Winquist (AW): Even as a young child, I was drawn to nature. It provided solace and comfort to my sensitive spirit that empathically felt much of the family disharmony in my early childhood years. The natural world called to me, with its beautiful colors, aromas, creatures, stones, and other aspects of the elements, especially water. I found I could communicate and connect deeply with the stones and plants, and I preferred to be outdoors as much as possible. I am still that way. I remember times, before I had even turned ten years old, and it was chore time after dinner. I would excuse myself to the bathroom to avoid cleanup and would instead spend long periods of time mixing my mother’s expensive creams, perfumes and powders. Of course, I had no idea that this was a mapping point of my future.

Later in life when I left home for the first time at 19, I found myself very sick with a twice-yearly bout of bronchitis. I had no health insurance and very little money, yet I had heard of the healing power of herbs. I went and purchased a book and 5 different herbs like hyssop and thyme and went home to make herbal tea. My bronchitis healed more quickly than any time I had taken allopathic medicine, and to this day, I have not had it again. I started making teas and tinctures, and then I found essential oils. It was as if passion and memory of these natural oils were awakened simultaneously within me.

In the mid 1990’s I began a more formal study of my two passions: plant and vibrational medicine. It wasn’t long after that I started a healing practice and my first natural products company, Rhiamon Energy Essentials. My early product ideas were in response to friends and clients asking for help with specific physical, emotional and spiritual imbalances. Suddenly I had a product line.

Further personal health challenges with endometriosis deepened my study, practice and desire to heal and then share my knowledge with those who were suffering or challenged in a similar way. I would say that was the case with other aspects of my personal healing journey, including my struggle with depression and anxiety. This is why many of my formulations address mood and our emotional aspects of being. Our feeling response is intrinsically linked to our health, success and harmony in every relationship we have in life.

In terms of the most appealing aromatics, I have favorites like rose otto, jasmine, cistus, ginger lily, and lemon. One of the most magnificent aspects of aromatherapy is the tremendous versatility of the essential oils to address where we are and what we need in the moment.  The oils holistically fine tune our vibrational and spiritual connection, our mental clarity and focus, our emotional response and resilience, and our physical vibrancy. In this way, when I am feeling fatigue and adrenal stress, I work with carrot seed and ginger. When I have trouble sleeping and quieting my mind, I use chamomile, lavender, and frankincense. When I feel a sense of disconnection from my authentic self and my intuition, geranium and sandalwood are my allies. When I am feeling down or anxious, patchouli and blood orange are at my side.

MM: What are some of the most surprising benefits of scents that you wish more people knew about?

AW: Essential oils work in a multitude of ways, but the most immediate and sustainable way is inhalation. This is because of the proximity of the nose to the brain, specifically the amygdala and limbic system, which regulates so much of our physiology including mood, memory and emotion. Uniquely, in part due to their molecular size, essential oils pass through the blood-brain barrier, providing important phyto-nutrients throughout our body. This aspect, along with their vibrational nature, allow us to clear old dysfunctional patterns and re-program healthier new ones. This brings healing through the nervous system down to the DNA level of our cells for quantum shifts on our generational healing: past, present, and future. This is a complete game changer in the world of wellness.

The right essential oils (quality as well as variety) in the correct formulation have the ability to literally shift our mood, thoughts, conscious awareness, and therefore our overall physiological response. This makes essential oils perhaps one of the most effective ways to balance stress responses and mental health challenges, like Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). We can literally transform how we feel in the moment and therefore train our brains and beings how to harness the trajectory of our emotional response for the future. This is empowerment in action.

MM: What inspired the “Elixirs 4 Quantum Living” set and why did you focus specifically on three things: energy, mood, and sleep?

AW: As I was contemplating this new collection, I began to ponder these questions: What does it take to fully live life at the top of our game, consistently, healthfully, joyfully, and balanced? How do we transform the patterns in our life that hold us back from expressing our biggest and best selves? How can we embody our authenticity and freedom in a way that is heart centered? I began to reflect on my own life and places that I feel stuck and also where I require the most support every day. I also considered the most prominent aspects of life that my clients, students and customers have sought relief for in the past 25 years of my practice.

This is the inspiration behind the elixirs and the concept of quantum living. Quantum Living is shifting from the perspective of merely surviving, to a life of thriving. The goal is to transform the limiters of freedom and to fulfill our greatest self-expression. Practicing an intentional daily habit with these oils and then combining them with our complimentary meditations offer a great resource to deepen one’s journey of healing and empowerment.

The plants, crystals and other facets of vibrational medicine are our allies to remind us of our infinite potential. We have the ability to transmute the places of limitation and constriction and elevate our lives to thrive. This stepping stone effect creates the momentum of empowerment where we can begin to see beyond our limitations and ask ourselves the question: How can I create benevolent change in the world around me? When we are able to rise beyond our struggles, we can contribute to making our lives and the world a better place for future generations.

Ultimately, when we sleep better, feel better and have more energy, we can thrive in every area of our lives. We can learn to embody the greatest vision and desire for ourselves, both personally and professionally. We can create and nurture the most loving relationships, and other aspects of abundance, from our health and well-being to our economic conditions.

MM: How long did it take to get these blends just right?

AW: I’d say about three months. My practice of formulation is a sacred intertwining of art and science. The art of intuition, guidance, and the science of understanding the phytonutrients and chemical aspects of the plants and how they synergistically work together. As an innovator, I am constantly called to be at the leading edge of my fields. The most unexpected brilliance of these blends is that they are nanoparticle essential formulas. This is a first in the industry. We then combine expertly crafted nano CBD and gem elixirs. This creates an unparalleled effect from a vibrational level down to the chemical and particle level, enhancing potency, bioavailability, and increased benefits.

MM: What has the public’s reaction been like so far? 

AW: Wonderful! It has been quite fulfilling to hear the responses of people’s profound experiences with the new formulas, even down to “smelling the color” of the blends. It simply delights me. The Mood Elixir has also been a favorite for those looking to “get in the mood” for passion. The patchouli and geranium certainly contribute to this aphrodisiac effect. I have also been delighted by the response for the Energy Elixir from the standpoint of both increased vitality, as well as mental clarity. The aroma profile is based on one of my favorite drinks, Indian chai tea. The ginger, tulsi and cardamom help to increase circulation and overall energy flow. The Sleep Elixir formula has received tremendous response from many age groups. My personal favorite is when my seven-year-old, who has chronic challenges with falling asleep, tells me in the morning how much it helped her.

MM: Will you be adding to this collection, or is this strictly a three-set situation?

AW: Although I think it is just right as it is, I can never seem to inhibit my creative life force and formulation ideas. So, stay tuned.

MM: As an entrepreneur, why is supporting other women and/or veterans so important to you in particular?

AW: My father was a Marine and fought in Korea. He was my biggest ally. When I was young, he taught me discipline, drive, and integrity. He forged a belief deep within me that I could do anything. There were many years where we butted heads and disagreed on almost everything, but we evolved to become friends and sources of inspiration for each other. I saw how deeply he was affected with PTSD as well as his fervent commitment to our country and our freedom. This created a desire for sharing my knowledge on plant and vibrational medicine. It has fueled a passion that we can make medicine to provide relief from some of the primary challenges this community faces in relation to mood, sleep, pain, and energy. My time with the Veterans Healing Farm in Hendersonville, NC is dear to my heart. The ability to teach the veteran community near and far and see their receptivity and desire for this knowledge is a powerful reminder of how much benefit we can bring to this community and beyond. It is greatly needed today. Overcoming endometriosis was instrumental in my journey as a healer and ultimately as a mother. At the young age of 21, my physician recommended a hysterectomy and intimated that the pain and discomfort was “in my head.” This was a profound experience that drove me deeper into my own healing.  It brought a desire to work with women who are healing their own relationship with their feminine aspects in body, mind, and spirit. I am passionate about supporting women in their awakening journey, encouraging women globally to source new levels of personal empowerment.

MM: How do you hope Adora evolves and expands over the next five years?

AW: That is a big question and difficult to answer as there are many projects seeding, as well as unfurling right now. One of my primary intentions is to continue to spread these modern alchemical interventions and esoteric teachings and knowledge. More and more people should understand there are alternative ways to source deeper aspects of balance, wellbeing, and vitality in everyday life. The natural world is filled with essential oils, herbs, and crystals that offer an incredible versatility of healing potentials, and they are at our fingertips.

I love supporting people to find their true calling and to heal the parts of their past that continue to create patterns of disharmony and dis-ease. I believe we all have a unique gift to share with the world. First, we have to bring light to our own places of darkness. Then, we can become light bearers for those that have lost their way and have forgotten that the spark of divinity and sovereignty resides within them, too. Also, this September we embark on a Mary Magdalene Retreat to the South of France. I will facilitate healing ceremonies and initiation into the sacred mysteries of Mary Magdalene, so that we may all continue to embody greater levels of the divine feminine. I believe we will do a journey similar to this yearly in other sacred places of the world. Learn more here:

Another initiative in the next few years is to continue to build and nurture relationships for our “seed to oil” sourcing for organics and raw materials in order to remain steadfast to our commitment to purity. We are also laying the groundwork for global ceremonies to honor our Earth and configure vibrational frequencies for the highest quality lending to the most efficacious use of essential oils and aromatics. Through honoring the earth and all kingdoms of life upon this sacred planet, we can bring harmony and abundance to all kingdoms of life.

MM: Are you currently working on any new projects or initiatives that you’re especially excited about?

AW: My new book, co-authored with Dr. LuLu Shimek, comes out in a few weeks.  It is rich with inspiration and insight on the beauty and empowerment of living life from your heart center. With countless opportunities to deepen your journey of self-discovery, intertwining with nourishing and vibrational interventions from the plant, mineral, and animal kingdom. Through the writing of the manuscript, I was guided to go through the journals I have been keeping from the past two-plus decades as a healer, teacher, student, formulator, and seeker. I was struck by the common theme or message through my writing and the subsequent sessions and programs created during these years: the quest for freedom. Through my personal journey of healing, I was paving the pathway for my own sovereignty to emerge. Through all the levels of pain and suffering, there was a place of driving certainty and a fervent commitment to the quest. Who was I really, after all the layers of family dynamics were peeled away? How could I fully express who I was without the need for approval or acceptance? What would it be like to live in abundance versus lack? What if my decisions were no longer based on survival? Ultimately, what does it mean to truly be free?

My writing colleague, Dr. Lulu Shimek and I developed a three-step process called Detox. Nourish. Activate© to heal the DNA on a physical, emotional, and spiritual level to ignite the healing power within every cell. The Detox. Nourish. Activate. system is designed to not only address areas of distress in the body but to heal damage and trauma that has been in your body and energy field in this lifetime and many generations back. You are the microcosm for the macrocosm of your DNA and genetic heritage. When you bring healing and transformation to yourself, you bring the past, present, and future to your genetic line and every person you are in a relationship with. From a planetary and cosmic perspective, when we heal at the DNA level, this clearing gets posted on the grid for our entire species for planet Earth and the web of life, one person at a time. As this shifts the planetary grid it lifts vibration for every member of that species.  It is exciting to start to plan the book signing tour and reconnecting with so many people throughout the Us and abroad that have been an inspirational part of my journey. Learn more here:

MM: What are your ultimate goals for the future and is there anything else that you would like to mention?

AW: I am conceptualizing a Non-profit, which I have wanted to do for some time. It will have a research and development component to continue to stay leading edge in the fields of plant and vibrational medicine, as well as the creation of scientific studies for the core aspects of my work, including a study for the Elixirs 4 Quantum Living. There will also be an educational platform for younger generations, which I have been mapping out for about a decade now. The newest facet will be a program called “Build” to support other visionaries and game changers in the world with an entrepreneurial scholarship and mentoring.