Blindsided: Interview with Actress Bea Santos

"Blindsided" is a new movie starring Canadian actress Bea Santos, best known for her role on “True Detective."

“Blindsided” is a new movie starring Canadian actress Bea Santos, best known for her role on “True Detective” who is happy to give HVY the 411 on her new role in “Blindsided.” As Santos explains, it was a challenging part to play but a rewarding experience which she recently discussed via an exclusive interview.

Meagan Meehan (MM):  Bea, congratulations on the film! Is this your first lead?

Bea Santos (BS): Thank you so much! I’ve been the lead of 5 other feature films but this film was super unique to carry because I had to find a way to keep things compelling without using my eyes very much. That was a terrifying challenge but ultimately, I learned so much.

MM: And how would you describe your role?

BS: It was really fun to play Sloan. She was a really refreshing mix of humour and that sort of survivor archetype necessary in horror films. She’s always one step ahead in wit and bad-guy-outsmarting. 

MM: How did you get the part?

BS: I just auditioned like everyone else. It was my first audition with my new agency so that was a thrill. Then I think there was a callback and a week later I found out I got the part. 

MM: Are there any similarities between you and Sloan?

BS: I’d like to think I’d be as brave as Sloan but that seems like a tall order. We’re both very close with our Dads and I guess we both use humour to deflect. 

MM: How collaborative was director Johnny Mitchell to work with?

BS: I love Johnny! Great combo of constant jokes and very constructive, nurturing feedback. He’s got the sort of quippy directing style I like. He would just give me a very quick note with a lot of punch. You want a director that’s like a good little league coach; extremely positive and supportive but doesn’t let you phone anything in.

MM: There’s some beautiful locations on display in the film. Was the movie filmed in your own neck of the woods?

BS: I’m a small-town Ontario girl, so… sort of? Actually no. I’m literally from the woods. This was more farm style small town. I remember there being a lot of eerily beautiful mist. But mostly a lot of darkness since we did 2 straight weeks of night shoots. 

MM: You’re coming off the success of the “True Detective” TV series. How much did that do for your career? 

BS: A steady flow of new and enthusiastic Instagram followers, for one thing! 

MM: Have you know been able to get that meeting, or film offer, that otherwise wasn’t being offered before?

BS: I have a wonderful agent in Toronto and a wonderful manager in LA who are consistently sending me exciting material. 

MM: Why do you think “True Detective” worked so well where similar-themed police thrillers have failed?

BS: Just fantastic writing, otherworldly actors and that sort of free-falling creativity you need to do something different.