“Chicken Girls”: Interview with Actress Amelie Anstett

Chicken Girls
Amelie Anstett is a bilingual actress who is best known for her work on BRAT TV’s series entitled “Chicken Girls.” Photographer credit: Mauricio Hoyos

Amelie Anstett is a bilingual actress who is best known for her work on BRAT TV’s series entitled “Chicken Girls.” Raised in Florida, Amelie got here start in theater and dance and, when she was twelve, she joined Justin Bieber Purpose Tour Child, which launched her career. Since then she has consistently worked in entertainment and recently discussed her career via an exclusive interview.

Meagan Meehan (MM): How did you discover your love for dancing and acting, and which came first?

Amelie Anstett (AA): This question is amazing. My whole career started out with dance, and being able to dance is a great feeling I cherish every day. I began to dance at the age of 7 when there were no gymnastics/acrobatic studios in my town. However, there was a dance studio, so I started to take dance classes, at first it was just one or two classes, but soon, teachers were calling my mom and inviting me to participate in their other classes.  Sometimes things work in funny ways. Eventually, I was dancing every day, except Sundays, for over 5 hours a day. As I got older and started competing, it became a lot more hours of training.  I started acting way later in my career. I have always enjoyed theater and playing characters/entertaining people, but never fully pursued acting until now.

MM: What kinds of dances do you most enjoy doing, and what are your favorite kinds of characters to play?

AA: With dance, I absolutely love performing every style and think it’s so important to do them all. If I had to choose, my favorite styles would be contemporary and hip-hop because they are both completely opposite styles of dance. However, they allow me to express myself in completely different ways. Dance is a way for me to deal with any stress or emotions that I am feeling.

MM: How did you break into the entertainment industry and end up touring with Justin Bieber?

AA: My big break into the entertainment industry was when I was 12 years old and danced on stage with Justin Bieber. That moment changed my life forever and allowed me to really see my true passion and calling. There was a YouTube submission contest, and I submitted a self-tape of one of Nick Demoura’s dances. A few weeks later, we received the email saying I had been chosen. It was one of the most surreal moments of my life.

MM: How did you land the role on “Chicken Girls,” and what’s your character’s backstory?

AA: This is actually a super fun story. I auditioned for “Chicken Girls” with a self-tape that was super last minute because I had just landed in Spain. It was honestly not my best self-tape at all, but I just submitted it, and hoped for the best and moved on. About a week later I got a call saying I booked the role, (I was actually in London on Thanksgiving eating dinner when I got the call). I cannot even begin to express my level of excitement when I found out I booked the role. Just about four days later, I flew to LA to begin shooting, and the rest is history. Sadie is TK (Hayden Summerall’s) girlfriend in the show, and man does she have a personality on her. She comes from Texas, so she is a cowgirl. Getting to play her is so much fun.

MM: How did you get into the mindset to play this character?

AA: “Sadie” is a character that is very fun to play. She is definitely a country girly girl, that is very confident/sassy. Playing her was so much fun, because we are far from similar in real life, at least when it comes to being mean.  To get into the mindset of Sadie, I would watch movies like “Mean Girls,” and really make sure I had that girly girl voice. Once the director yelled action, I would suddenly turn into that different person.

MM: What are your favorite episodes and lines in the show, and why?

Chicken Girls
Amelie Anstett is both a dancer and an actress.
Photographer credit: Mauricio Hoyos

AA: Season 6 is a wild one, and the episodes and story lines are amazing. If I had to choose my favorite episodes from this season, they would definitely have to be 7 and 8. These episodes have not aired yet, but I am so excited for the fans to see the fun that happens in them. My favorite line from the season has not come out yet, but when it does, I will let you know.

MM: How, if at all, does being bilingual impact your career?

AA: I haven’t really gotten to use the Latin side of me yet in this industry. However, a few months back, I was the face of TOTTO brands ad with Latin sensation Sebastian Yatra and got to show a lot of my Latin side during that campaign. That was a super fun campaign to be a part of. The Totto and Yatra family were very professional and down to earth to work with. Yatra is an extremely kind and fun person and super nice and encouraging, just like Justin is too.

MM: What are your ultimate career goals? Is there anything else that you would like to mention or discuss?

AA: I have so many BIG career goals, and I am so thankful to be given the opportunities and have such an amazing support system. I am a big believer in “everything happens for a reason,” so I just continue to follow my path and work incredibly hard to make my dreams come true. One of my big goals is to be able to use my platform to spread positivity and lift people up. I love interacting with my fans and the ones who support me because I want them to know I support them just the same. I think that this generation is different from the rest, and I would love to use my motto, “Be Original,” to share that it is amazing to be who you truly are.


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