Christmas in New York: Fashion Photographer Alexander Gurman Uses the City as a Backdrop

Christmas in New York is magical and this is a fact that has not escaped fashion photographer and fashion show producer Alexander Gurman.

Christmas in New York is magical and this is a fact that has not escaped fashion photographer and fashion show producer Alexander Gurman. Every year, Alexander uses the city’s decorations as a backdrop to photo shoots starring beautiful models in fashionable clothes as well as playful Santa hats.

“The best place to film is midtown Manhattan like 5th avenue,” Alexander stated. “Many of the major building entrance halls have awesome decorations, plus its typically warm and the lighting is generally good.”

Alexander enjoys using the city’s decorations as backdrops for his models to show off the latest fashions.

Alexander has also featured the iconic Rockefeller Center tree in his fashion photos as well as the Saks 5th avenue windows and Macy’s windows. These beautiful seasonal displays serve as excellent backgrounds for Christmas pictures and they are all completely within the public domain, so the photos can be shared digitally with no reservations.

Alexander does have certain tips for shooting in New York City, in December, at night in order to capture the brilliance of the lights. As someone who has traveled the trails can attest, the city can be bitterly cold in the winter, so it is very important to dress warm.

“Know where closest bathroom is, carry water, and make sure you ate before you go on the shoot. If you’re comfortable then the pictures will come out amazing since the models will bring high energy. I advise my models to print a few mood-board images and perhaps save on their phone as references since it is great for 3D pictures. If you dress colorfully and have gloves, a scarf, and a warm hat that would give you great winter shots.”

New York City has some truly incredible and iconic Christmas decorations on public display.

Alexander also noted that New Yorkers are, contrary to popular belief, often quite friendly and most are very accustomed to tourists wandering around the city, especially during the holiday season. This extends to the local law enforcers…who are–in my experiences–typically very pleased to pose for photographs.

“It’s important to get a shot with police officers,” Alexander stated, “it makes the photos more authentic and if you ask them politely you may get permission, even for an image with police horse. Having other folks in the background only makes the images more realistic. Sometimes people even try to photo-bomb the shoot and that leads to some very humorous images.

Alexander allows his models to embrace the playfulness and joy of the season as they pose for the pictures.

Christmas shots are about cold and warm. Sweetness and hope. New beginnings. Red and green colors should always be dominant and it is a good idea to have some presents in the shot.”

The most recent Christmastime photo shoot was with models Marina Afonasieva and Anna Marie. It was very successful and Alexander plans to do more in the future.

“If anyone is interested in being a model during one of these public shoots, feel free to reach out to me on Facebook,” Alexander declared. “I am willing to work with models of all shapes and sizes and I am happy to give people striving to enter the industry a chance.”

To contact Alexander, visit his official Facebook page.