Clinton Road: Interview with actress Erin O’Brien

Clinton Road
"Clinton Road" is a new horror-thriller.

“Clinton Road” is the latest movie starring talented actress Erin O’Brien. While she waits for Quentin Tarantino to call, actress Erin  is only too happy to trek down “Clinton Road,” the highly-anticipated new horror-thriller based on a legendary haunted road in New Jersey. The film hits theaters June 14.

Erin recently discussed the film via an exclusive interview.

Meagan Meehan (MM): Tell us about your beginnings, Erin.

Erin O’Brien (EO): I grew up in Middletown New Jersey. I started studying acting in high school at a school for young actors called the actors playground. I was lucky enough to grow up only an hour away from New York so I started out in Manhattan, doing Independent film and studied there with the late great William Esper.

MM: And what was your first onscreen role?

EO: My first on screen role was a horror indie called “Revenants.” I played a woman who was murdered than came back to seek revenge.

Clinton Road
Actress Erin O’Brien stars in “Clinton Road.”

MM: Oh, very cool! How do you think you’ve improved as an actress since then?

EO: I think like with everything, the more you practice the better you get. Every project has been a learning experience for me.

MM: Wonderful. One of your earlier projects starred Steven Seagal. That must have been an experience!

EO: That was fun! Actually, my boyfriend was working on the film doing stunts, and invited me to come to set in Utah with him. We became pretty good friends with the producer and director and they needed an actress to play a newscaster so I was happy to take that role.

MM: What is the project you’re most proud of?

EO: I’m definitely excited for people to see “Clinton Road,” I think they will really enjoy it. I also loved working on a film called “What Death Leaves Behind.” That comes out in theaters later this year and also showed at Sundance in January. The cast and story are just amazing. It’s a very interesting thriller. I’m excited for audiences to see it!

MM: You’re everywhere, lately! Is there a particular project you attribute your success to?

EO: I did a film a while back called “Jailbait.” It was a very racy and intense female prison film, still playing on Netflix. I definitely get noticed a lot because of that film.

MM: And how do you pick your parts? Is it all about the character for you?

EO: That’s part of it. I like to look at the project as a whole. A good script and story are super important. I also look to see if it’s something I’ve done before, because it’s great to venture out and try different unfamiliar roles.

MM: And in your opinion, is the starring role in “Clinton Road” a long time coming?

EO: I’m really grateful to play both larger and smaller roles, every character is important to the story. I love my character in “Clinton Road” and I’m so grateful I got to play that role.

MM: Is it more daunting being a ‘star’ of a movie though -as opposed to a support player?

EO: Well I feel like I wasn’t “the star” the story really centred around a group of us rather than just my character. It was more about a group of friends then just me. We all worked really well together too. I truly love and am super proud of the entire cast and their amazing work.

MM: The film is getting a wide theatrical release. How important is a theatrical release – especially in this day and age of digital, Netflix etc – to a performer?

EO: Having a theatrical release to me is an exciting thing. I love going to the movies. Although I love Netflix, there is something really special about seeing a film on the big screen.

Clinton Road
Erin O’Brien enjoys acting and has appeared in many projects.

MM: Is there a project you so desperately wanted to be involved in, but for one reason or another, it didn’t happen?

EO: Well I was incredibly lucky to act in the “Tremors” TV pilot, starring Kevin Bacon. Sadly, the show didn’t get picked up, but there is a great trailer and pilot out there.

MM: Have you a dream role?

EO: I would absolutely LOVE to work with Quentin Tarantino…on anything! To play a role like Uma Thurman played in “Kill Bill” would be a dream. I love strong women characters like that. I’m also really stoked about Linda Hamilton coming back to the new “Terminator” movie. A role like that is something I would also love to play.