Color Fusion: Interview with “Make It Real” Vice President Dominique Roy

Color Fusion
Color Fusion is a Nail Polish Maker geared at the tween market that enables users to create customized nail-polish colors.

Color Fusion is a Nail Polish Maker geared at the tween market that enables users to create customized nail-polish colors. Released by company Make It Real, Color Fusion Nail Polish Maker uses a unique interactive technology to offer users the opportunity to mix more than 200 custom nail polish hues with either glossy or shimmery finishes. The system works via a plastic “mixing center” which color pods can easily be loaded into. Retailing for only $24.99, the set is extremely affordable and there is a companion app available on iOS and Android devices. This app enables users to explore the full range of capabilities with the Color Fusion Nail Polish Maker; create custom colors with color matching technology, search through a library of colors to find the color recipe and experiment with unique nail art design tutorial.

Recently, Dominique Roy, the Vice President of Innovation at Make It Real, discussed this product and

Meagan Meehan (MM): How long did Color Fusion take to develop and how did you select the colors to include?

Dominique Roy (DR): Make It Real has been working with cosmetics for years. Developing a non-toxic and kid friendly formula for not only three pigments but also two different nail polish bases is a challenge we were ready to tackle. After more than a year of development, the Color Fusion Nail Polish Maker launched last year, September 2021, and the Color Fusion Deluxe Light Match Edition launched November 2021. The Color Fusion Nail Polish Maker has three pigment tubes with dials which allow young designers to mix over 200 nail polish colors in glossy or shimmer finishes. In a way, you could say they are the ones selecting the colors and we just provide the pigments and base. They can create custom nail polish colors that express who they are using the free Color Fusion by Make It Real app (available on Android and iOS) to color match favorite clothing, accessories, or anything you can snap in a photo

MM: What were the biggest challenges of designing Color Fusion?

DR: Although this is not the first nail polish maker, ours is the first that allows you to color match and pre-measure the pigments to add to a base. In terms of challenges, ensuring the accuracy of the final results took multiple tries. We are very happy to find success with this product, which brings the play pattern to a brand-new level.

MM: How did you go about getting this produced and marketed?

DR: I’ll let Gena Lavallee, the Vice President of Sales and Marketing, answer this one!

Gena Lavallee (GL): We have made exclusive partnerships with major retailers like Target to promote the product at launch. In addition, we have partnered with top influencers from Instagram to quickly spread the word about this new innovative product. Since the September debut, we’ve witnessed good sales thanks to the retailers’ support. Color Fusion has been recognized by a number of toy groups for its unique functionality. Holiday gift guides have piqued the interest of 135 million internet users and 15 million viewers on national television. Color Fusion was recognized and honoured as one of the Top Holiday Toys by the Toy Insider Association as a consequence of attracting interest from multiple platforms.

MM: What has been the best feedback you’ve gotten about the system thus far?

GL: We’ve had several! Here are a few examples:

“My daughter loves colors and being creative with paints, so this was a perfect way for her to express herself. Having said that, she rarely had her nails painted and when she does, she’s typically seen picking at them. That has not changed but being able to make all kinds of colors quickly, has been a great way for her to express herself. It’s also really easy to use!” – DHarris

“I recently got the Make it Real Color Fusion Nail Polish Maker for my daughter to try. It’s a fun kit that has everything you need to make some fun colors. The maker comes with 3 color tubes they have to go in the correct place marked by their color. The kit also comes with several finishes to add color to some are glossy, and some are shimmery. You can download the app to help you coordinate. It is a lot of fun for girls to make their own colors, but I recommend making somewhere where you are not worried about a mess. Also, I recommend supervision, my little girl needed help.” – Renesmama

“This is a great way to experiment with nail colors and is a big hit with my daughter. The kit comes with mixing instructions with tons of color options, or you can just experiment with your own mix and see what happens. The nail polish itself is water-based and is meant to be fun, so it’s not going to produce professional-looking manicures, but it is a neat idea if your kids like to do their nails. Recommended” – Dmac100

MM: What are the coolest colors and designs that people have come up with?

DR: There are so many amazing designs we’ve been seeing with Color Fusion. We have a recipe book through our app which has many designs users can follow. We have designs that range from gradient style to clouds and even watermelon designs! We are a company that believes in creative play, so we get very excited when we see the many ways someone can use our products. We once had one person create Disney’s Monsters characters on all her nails, pretty magical! You can follow @ColorFusionOfficial on Instagram where we share people’s creations daily.

MM: What has been the best thing about working in the toys and games industry so far?

DR: Make It Real continues to create fun DIY products for kids, tweens, and teens! We love creating products that are fun and creative and Color Fusion was a product that showed true innovation and creativity in the DIY space that goes beyond just arts and crafts.

MM: What inventions and/or projects are coming up for you soon and is there anything else that you would like to discuss?

DR: We continue to explore products that showcase innovation and creativity. Expanding deeper into the beauty space, we look to create new products and find new forms of creation.  We also understand that having products that are safe for our younger clients gives parents peace of mind that their children aren’t playing with anything toxic. For 2022, we have exciting launches coming up and we cannot wait to share them with everyone!

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